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Friday, August 05, 2005

"Don't Worry."

Yesterday toddler added the words "Don't Worry" into her vocabulary.

After dinner........

MG: Be careful. Look where you're going or you may fall down.
Toddler: Don't worry of me, mummy. I just walking all over the place.
MG: (Smiles) Ok. I won't worry about you then.

Later in the evening......

Baby: Waaaaaahhhh!
MG: Whats happening? You pushed baby again ah?
Toddler: Don't worry about me, mummy, I just sayang baby only.
MG: --------

At bedtime.........

Toddler: Why mummy hide yesterday? Why I cry? Why baby cry?
MG: Yesterday mummy was very tired so mummy went into the room to rest for a while and you were very noisy.
Toddler: (thinks for a while) Don't worry. Mummy will be out soon.
MG: (Big Smile) Yes! Yes, thats right! Mummy will be out soon.

Still not asleep........

MG: Why are you pinching mummy's cheeks?
Toddler: Don't worry. I just press your face only.
Toddler: Hehehe. Everything also "Don't worry." (giggle giggle giggle)
MG: Hahahaha. (That was exactly what was on my mind at the time.)

Sometimes toddler can be real amusing.


  1. I can't stop smiling when I was reading this. Ur toddler is so cute and sweet. Send my regards to her. I wanna b her fren. Haha!!

  2. Perhaps soon, it will be "Don't worry, be happy!"

  3. because you always tell her "don't worry..." :).

  4. Yeah..think twinsmon is right as one of Bea2's favourite words is "jatuh". "jatuh" as for fall, or even when she asks to get down from the chair. Think because I always say "careful..bla,bla...nanti jatuh"!

  5. Big Bok, Kids say the funniest things.

    crazyggrl, regards sent.

    fishtail, yah! yah!

    twinsmom, mama22beas, that must be the reason why. They do love to imitate us so. So have to watch what we say all the time.

  6. Very worrying, this! LOL
    Great post, dearie.

    I have a toddler god-son.. sometimes too smart for his own good! haha


  7. Toddler must be good friends with Bobby Mc Ferren

  8. haha.. i wrote a similar topic "echo" last nite before i read yours ! :) bcoz of ur toddler are much older than mine, so the way they imitate also different. Mine is exactly like echoes :D

    so cute :D

  9. solbi, You got worried reading? Haha. Cheers to you too.

    a&a'smom, I'm sure if she knew the song, she would be singing it too as she loves to sing.

    shiaulin, I'll check out your "echo" in a while. :)


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