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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Weblog or Website?

Its all her fault! She made me do it! She got me all fired up to put my poem on a webpage. So with my great copy and paste skill, here it is. (*drumroll*) Tadaaaa....! My poem!

Written words on plain paper (Oops! I meant blog) not enough ooooppmh! It must be on a webpage with lovely graphics and music. Ahh.... like that only got oooopppmh as it teases and tantalises the senses, ie the words for the mind/soul, soothing music for the ears and pleasing graphics for the eyes. Yes! Yes!

So now that I've put it on a webpage, I'm not sure what to do next. Hmmm... my website is about breastfeeding so it won't fit in there. At the moment its a poor, lonely, standalone page. So, for the time being, (until I write and do up more poem pages and decide what to do with them) I'll just link it here to my blog. Yes, thats what I'll do, I think. Afterall, my blog is my little cyber filing cabinet, my very own place in cyberspace. So I can do whatever I like with it or link to whatever I want with limits of course.

Hope you all enjoyed the page as much as I did writing my poem and doing up the page. Its of course written on inspiration and done for none other than my Mr Mg.

Note: A Blog is good for lots of stuff but it can't replace a website in this case. Me thinks a weblog is very much different from a website. If I had something to sell I would probably have both a website and a weblog. The website can serve as my store or display counter while the weblog or blog is my customer service centre to receive customer feedback since its very much more interactive. Hehehe. MG berangan-angan (daydreaming) again.


  1. I agree.....blogs gets your some visitors who does not usually go to your website.

  2. you are very good lah. last week dh just asked me to set up something like your website... I see that you have already done it! Anyway, if I do one, are you okay with it? But I won't be able to make it so clear-cut like you - very organised. I probably will have to combine my blog with this ler.

    Keep up the good work. I really, really, really, like your website. :)

  3. amboi!!! blame me pulak. ;p

    well, at LEAST u know u can do it right? i made u do a POSITIVE thing. so, its all good! :) mine's SLOWLY coming along but i dont think i'm gonna add any music, TOO many poems...matila if want to put music for all. ;)

  4. 8dee, its better if you have both then.

    lazybone, I can't wait to see your site. Please come and "call me" once its done. :)

    Yvy, Hehe. Ya ya mati. Not enuf bandwidth for music.

  5. nice...:)...
    If I write a poem, you wouldn't be able to read *sigh*, I only good in Chinese...*sigh*...

  6. then you write in chinese and translate loh.


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