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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Freehand drawing

Sometimes when I'm lazy to organise craft time, I just hand the kids some drawing art paper, colored pens or color pencils and tell them "Here, draw anything you like." (and stop disturbing me) .

At one of these freehand drawing sessions recently, this is what they drew.

This rocket and cars picture was drawn by my 4 year old boy. He even drew an smiling astronaut somewhere in the picture. See if you can spot him. Haha.

This rainy scene picture was drawn by my 6 year old girl. When the kids draw the sun or the moon, it always has a smiling face. :)

Freehand or freestyle drawing is great. It encourages creativity and gives me more time. The kids will be occupied for at least an hour while they are at it. So, next time you don't know what to do with the kids and they are pestering you every 5 minutes, tell them.. "Here, draw anything you like." ;)


  1. nice drawing. it's great they can draw so many things in 1 page, mine draws 1 human 1 page :|

  2. jazzmint,
    Then you have to give them smaller pieces of paper. Haha.

  3. That's what I do too, especially when eating out. I give her a small notepad & pen to occupy her so that I can eat in peace!! hehehe..

  4. blurmommy,
    You just reminded me to keep a notepad in my bag for when we go out. Haha.


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