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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

He loves his food

My boy loves his food. He likes to try new foods and he likes to eat several foods at the same time. Theres a name for that. Greedy! Lol!

Anyway, recently he spotted some nice tea time desserts on the table during lunch. Right after his very filling lunch he asked "What time is tea?" "Can we have tea now?"

"No, not now! We just had lunch!" I told him as I was washing the dishes. "Tea time is 3 o'clock."
"How about 2 o'clock?" he tried to bargain to which he got a "No" for an answer.

Right after I finished washing the dishes, he came up to me and asked "Is it 3 o'clock now?" *rolls eyes*

The funny thing about kids is how quickly they get hungry when they see something they like and full when they see something they don't!


  1. well, you are lucky to have a kid that loves food :p

  2. mummy to qiqi,
    Yes, yes, one must always count their blessings. Its is better to have a greedy kid than one who refuses to eat. Hahaha.

  3. My boy loves his food too and come to thing he does not share, it's always food. No way he's going to share his food and he will gobble it down fast before anyone could ask from him or before the food vanish from the table.

    I guess monkey boys love to eat yea. :D

  4. ya ya, if they like the food, can gasak all, if dont like ah... dotmach ache la, pretending to cough and wanna vomit, very full, etc

  5. wah so nice he likes food. i have a hard time with my boy now :(

  6. elaine,
    Haha. Yes, monkey boys love to eat! I know what you mean about no one must touch his food. He'd quickly gobble it all down if he sees hands reaching for his food.

    Haha. Yes, I'm familiar with the pretend to cough and vomit, very full etc part.

    I had a hard time with my girl but she eats most foods now. However, I'm still trying to get her to eat by herself and she always wants me to feed her!


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