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Friday, March 07, 2008

My first school holidays

My girl is going to have her first term school holidays next week for a week. How quickly time flies. She has attended kindy for one term now.

This will be my first school holidays too. Yahoo! It means I can sleep in for a week. Hahaha. It also means I have to prepare some activities for her to do as she is looking forward to it. Hmm... I wonder what is a good school holiday activity.

Anyway one week is very short and it will soon fly pass.


  1. same thots here...

  2. haha...u said one week holiday is short? I cant wait to throw qiqi back to school soon again and leave me alone!!

  3. I love school hols too... no need to wake up early and no need to coach my girl in her homework, haha... lazy mummy!

  4. wen,
    We are halfway through sleeping late adi. :P

    mummy to qiqi,
    Haha. And I thot I was a bad mommy.

    health freak mommy,
    Me too! Me too!


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