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Monday, March 31, 2008

Miss Slowcoach

I have a little Miss Slowcoach. She is very very slow in drinking her milk, going to toilet, brushing her teeth, wearing her shoes etc. Takes her ages to do these activities. Well, at least she's good at brushing her teeth. She'll make sure she brushes her teeth properly because she doesn't want to get black decayed teeth with holes in them and ugly black fillings like her mommy. Hahaha. Very effective way to get her to brush teeth is to show her mine. :P

Even her teacher in kindy has told me that she does things very slowly. Takes her time in the toilet and takes her time packing her stuff when the bell rings. She's usually one of the last to leave the classroom, usually after the teacher even.

Anyone else has a Miss or Mr Slowcoach at home and what do you do to make them go a little faster? I would love some ideas as I'm tired of shouting "Hurry Up!"


  1. My girl is one slowcoach. I used to let her have lunch 3 days per week at school and after her while, she decided to give up having meals at school, because she takes longer than others to finish her meal and the teachers keep asking her to eat faster.

    She also takes her own sweet time on drinking her milk.

  2. mine is also a Mr. Slowcoach when comes to drinking milk, but i can't shout "Hurry Up".. still a baby.... hehe ;p

  3. There's always a slowcoach in the school, in the classroom, in the house and everywhere...
    The rule in the school still works the same for slowcoach, which means they might miss out on some things.
    Come to think about it, does being slow, make children a failure or would there be a big loss for everyone?
    I reckon they are quite good when come to social gathering or outing. They don't walk that slow when it comes to such events.

  4. elaine,
    Mine takes her own sweet time to drink her milk too unlike her lil bro who gulps his down. Like two extremes both of them.

    Haha. No you can't.

    No, being slow does NOT make children a failure no is it a big loss to everyone. However, it does get a bit tiring when you need to go somewhere in a hurry. :P

  5. Hehehe, good question! I too am fed up of telling the same thing & also wld luv a new word.

  6. it is normal...same here...do things very slow..I will be screaming sometimes...

  7. same...i have a miss slowcoach at home also...and now I'm basically counting 1,2,3 to make her faster..she'd challenge me and say, u 2 i'm here already (like so proud LOL). Well, at least it works and make thigns slightly faster, but not all situation can count 1,2,3 hahaha

  8. Hello...meet Mr. Slowcoach mum and Hurry Up is a overused word in the household be it for brushing teeth, eating or doing homework. The only time he is fast is drinking milk.

    To make things worse, I am a fast paced sort of person...so you can imagine how geram I can get at times.

  9. a&a's mom,
    How about "Faster lah!" Hahaha.

    No wor, my boy is faster.

    1,2,3 is used mainly for "you better do this NOW before you get punished!"

    I too am a fast paced sort of person. "fast paced sort of person" = impatient in my case. Lol!

  10. i have a flash Jayden here. I turn he's missing. I turn he's in the room edi. What u feed yr slowcoach, maybe i can feed him some also.

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  12. hahahhahaha..dont worry MG, last time when i'm young i also got a nick name "slowcoach" in school, teacher even comment in my report card, said i always do thing slow. Now, i'm an impatient mummy!! Everything also wan fast!! My miss slowcoach is "MY MAID"!She is worst than my two Mr.slowcoach.


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