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Monday, March 24, 2008

My Little Author

My girl likes to "write" stories. She is always penning words down on pieces of rough paper and showing it to me saying "Look, mama, read my story." I encourage her love for reading and writing by stapling papers to make them look like a book and asking her to make up her own storybook.

The other day I bought her a colorful notebook and asked her to write her own story. This is what she wrote.

Note: I have substituted the names she used in her book. Mary for her name and John for her little brother but the rest are included just as she wrote it, together with the incorrect spellings and manglish used.

Mary's bedroom full of hearts and flowers.

Once upon a time, Mary's bedroom was full of Heart's. mummy asked mary why her bedroom was full of Heart's. Mary said, "it is a catoon (cartoon) bedroom, thats why." "oh, said mummy. "oh" that's why said mummy, again. so, mummy went back to the kitchen.

"oh, mummy How does your bedroom look like?" asked Mary. "it's not cartoon, said mummy. "because why?" asked Mary. mummy said, "because big people don't need cartoon bedrooms aready, that's why, " "oh", said Mary. Oh, mummy but what about daddy and john asked Mary, walking away. john got cartoon but daddy no cartoon.

now i know why daddy no cartoon becuase He's big! that's why said Mary sofely (softly). yes, said mummy. "Yes, its ceret (correct)", said mummy again. "ok goodnight" said Mary to mummy. "Goodnight Lah", said mummy angrily. "don't disturb me" said mummy. "don't disturb mummy lah, said daddy. mummy needs rest, said daddy again.

no, but i want to talk to mummy or chet chat (chit chat) about school.

mummy needs rest and tomorrow mummy cannot take care of you How? but, i still wanted to sleep with mummy. cannot said daddy, yes said Mary

soon, daddy and Mary were talking about yes no yes no until the wholeeee bedroom was fulllll of noise until one by one they all fell asleep john 1 mary two mummy 3 and daddy 4 all fell asleep. goodnight said everyone to everyone.

The story had many mistakes but then I think its not bad for a 6 year old.

I had a great laugh when I read her story especially the last part which is like a chapter taken from our bedtime conversations. Lol! Anyway, I think that encouraging her to write is a great way to teach her the language. I can then correct her spelling mistakes and show her where she should use capital letters or add her commas, inverted commas etc. I should also tell her that we should not write the way we speak ie Manglish as that is the incorrect or improper usage of English.

Apart from teaching her spelling and grammar, I also get a little peep into whats going on in her little mind. Its a very nice exercise overall and I shall continue to encourage her love for reading and writing.


  1. Wow, how great your girl can write so well already. Still waiting for the day my girl write me a story instead of draw me one. :D

    And it's really funny what your girl wrote. :D

  2. It's impressive for a six year old! Most children that age barely recognize letters! I think your little girl has a tallent and you should continue to encourage her:)

  3. she has the talent to write for sure!!

    my girl can only tell me story, but dunno how to write. But her story is imitation of what I tell her :|.

    hey BTW, any good website to recommend for phonics?

  4. elaine,
    Drawing a story is just as fun. :)

    As an encouragement, I showed her this page with her story in it and we picked out the picture together to complement her story. She was very happy. :)

    Learn to read at Starfall is good. Here is the link to the Learn to Read

  5. That's fantastic!

    Hope you don't mind; I think I may copy this idea for our 3 year old! She's only just started schooling and already we are cracking our head trying to get her to learn her ABCs better!

    Thanks for sharing!

    And thanks for dropping by my blog too. You asked about cameras...

    Basically, the more megapixels a camera has, the easier you can crop the photos (chop off top/bottom/left/right) and still don't lose much details. It only means that there is more details or pixels (dots) on the x and y axes of the photo.

    But "normal" compact cameras now of 2megapixels and above, can already capture good enough detail when you develop them in the shops, *without* cropping...

    Hope this helps.

  6. jlow,
    Thank you for coming her to answer my camera question. I don't do much cropping and I don't develop so I guess my 2 megapixels will do for the time being. Hehe.

    If you are looking for good sites to encourage your girl to learn her ABCs, you can start with Elmo's Keyboard O-Rama and the Lets get ready to read page at Starfall.com. They are excellent. My kids love them. Here is a list of Online Educational Sites for Young Children which I recommended on my other blog. You might want to bookmark it for future use as the sites are really good. :)

  7. Hi, MG...

    I'm Linda. I'm actually an undergraduate students in one of the private college in KL. Currently, I'm in my final year and in the progress of completing my Final Year Project that has something to do with Preschool. *It is how I finally find out about your blog*

    In any case, when I need to have opinions from parents on any children and their education related topics, is it possible for you to do me a favor by posting it in your blog, so that other parents can involve in the discussion?

    Appreciate to hear from you soon =)

    Thank You

    P.S. Regards for your girl and her lovely story. =)

  8. Hi Linda,
    Sure, no problem. That'll be great for when I run out of topics to blog about. :)

  9. When I read the story ur girl wrote, I just can only say 'WOW, WOW WOW!'

    'sei lor' My girl's the same age as urs and what she wrote in one whole sentence the other day was "Mummy, Yau Yau (her name in Cantonese) go to kai-kai" ... sigh ...

    Guess I really need to 'brush' her up.

  10. Thank you =)

    Will get back to you once I finished my list of questions. Haha... Feel really grateful for your kindness and help. Thank you. ^ ^

  11. it is amazing how your daughter can write. I was just looking at the number of words that she can spell and write... incredible. Further, the expressions she use..fantastic.

  12. wmd,
    She's a little bookworm and loves reading.

  13. Your daughter will be a great writer when she grows up. It's really impressive for a 6 year old. Well done to her and to you too!


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