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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Planting Activity For Kids - Planting Flowers

One of the most simple activities which my kid love the most is planting. We have germinated bean seeds, planted vegetables from stem cuttings, planted vegetables from seeds and our latest adventure is planting flowers from seeds.

Planting activities teaches kids about science in the most simple and delightful manner. What could be more delightful than watching things grow.... with a little care of course. You need to give your plant sunshine, good soil, fertilizer, water and remove pests. You don't even need a garden patch to do this. All you need is a pot.

Our latest adventure is planting flowers from seeds. A few months ago, we went to Ace and allowed the kids to select a packet each of flower seeds. They can choose any type they like. They certainly had fun choosing and arguing over who should have which packet.

Then we came home and poured the seeds into pots of soil and watered them every day. The seedlings would sprout in about 2- 3 days. It is all very exciting and easy. Even very young kids can do this.

About one week ago, we saw this...

Pink Flower Bud
Day One - A Pink Flower Bud

A Pink Flower In Full Bloom
Day Two - A Pink Flower In Full Bloom

Two Pink Flowers
Day Three - Two Pink Flowers In Bloom

Pink Flowers
Day Four - Four Pink Flowers. A Flower A Day Makes The Kids Smile From Ear To Ear

Day Five - Today We Are Rewarded With Two More Blooms Making It 6 Pink Flowers To Admire

Planting Flowers For Kids
Day Six - Another 2 Brings The Count To 8 Pink Flowers. Yahoo!

Day Seven - 9 Glorious Pink Flowers For Us

Today is Day 8 and the flowers are still growing because I still see buds underneath this batch of pink flowers. At the same time we see more buds appearing in other places too. 

The kids are super excited to count their flowers everyday. Too bad I threw away the package, so we can't buy it again and I don't even know what this pink flower is called. Does anyone know?


  1. You're so lucky your seeds germinated. I've bought many times but they don't germinate. Even the nursery people say it's 50-50 whether they germinate or not. I believe your flowers are periwinkles.

    1. Anna, my previous maid whose family are farmers told us that we should not bury the seeds. She taught us to put the seeds on top of the soil and then to only sprinkle water lightly with our fingers for the first few days, not drown them with our watering cans. It works every time. :)

    2. Thanks for the tip, MG!


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