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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Sick School Holidays

We were sick for two whole weeks during the school holidays. The boy started the boy rolling, passing the virus first to his sister and dad and finally me. It was a really strong virus too. Each of us came down with fever for at least 3 days. 3 days times 4, that is 12 days of fever in the house!

I felt like I was on fire. My stomach felt like a boiling cauldron, my eyes felt like as if they were burning and I felt as if I was breathing out smoke as well. Whole body was aching like mad! We've been dining on the fine cuisine called porridge for more than two whole weeks now for each and every meal.

Back to school now and hopefully back to full health soon for all of us.

I do miss the kids now they are back in school. I miss their laughter and their smiles. The boy is always full of mischief, laughter and hugs and the girl will smile at me frequently. The house is so quiet now they are in school.

I do enjoy the solitude but I also enjoy their company.


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