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Thursday, June 27, 2013

She Thinks In Chinese, He Thinks In English

Both my children are attending Chinese school but it is clear to me that my daughter has taken to Chinese more than my son. Whenever she struggles for a term to use, she would revert to Chinese and try to explain it to me in Chinese. She enjoys reading English story books but I can see that she really loves her Chinese novels. She even started writing one. She wrote several chapters of it but we reformatted the PC and forgot to save it for her. Poor child.

On the other hand, my boy is still enjoying learning English words.

Yesterday, he called me "Mama, Honey" and his sister retorted that "small people cannot call big people honey."

One day, everything was "fascinating", the toy was "fascinating", the book was "fascinating", his homework was "fascinating", why even he was "fascinating". "I'm so fascinating, mom". Sometimes he also tells me "I'm such a creative person" or "I'm a joker." all of which he is.

Recently, he fell and hurt his knee in school. A few days later, he fell and cut his lip in the classroom. "I'm so accident prone, mom". When I asked him where he learned the word "accident prone" he said it was from our Archie comics.


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