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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Teaching Kids To Express Themselves

I do not know if it is possible to teach kids to express themselves. I have one boy at home who is very expressive and a girl who is not. It appears to be an inborn thing.

When I wear a dress or put on makeup, the boy would come and gaze at me and say "Wow! Mom, you look so pretty!" He is also the kind to touch my face and give me lots of hugs. He tries to give his sister hugs too but she usually pushes him away. It is an inborn thing. I did not teach him to be so expressive. I guess he will some lucky girl a happy wife next time.

His sister on the other hand, is not the type to show her feelings so openly. Recently, the boy was sent to sick bay at school because he fell. When I asked him whether his sister came to see him, he said "Yes, but you know cheh cheh (sister) lah. She no feeling one."

The girl just shows love and emotions differently. She is the type who likes me to do things together with her. That makes her more happy than a hug.

Although I think that whether a person is expressive or not is an inborn thing and it is not easy to teach someone to be more expressive if they are not, I think that understanding our children better and  how they tick and relate to others will make it a lot easier for us to show love to them... their way.


  1. Your girl sounds like my #1 and your boy sounds like my #2. I always wonder why my #1 is so cold blooded, as she's the type who does not like hugging and kisses on the cheeks, but my other 2 younger girls are the exact opposite. I guess it's an inborn thing? I wish she'll be more expressive though.

    1. Their differences was apparent to me from very young. The girl is just not the touchy touchy kind but the boy is all over me.

  2. each kid have different way of expressing themselves. Maybe your boy express himself in other way than talking or showing straight to you.


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