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Sunday, November 07, 2021

Wrinkle Free School Uniforms

Nowadays we can shop for almost anything online including school uniforms and school extra-curricular activities uniforms. One of the good things about shopping online are deals. When shopping online, it is good to look for cashback deals that offer you discounts for your purchase.

Thomtex is an online uniform store that sells wrinkle free school uniforms. Wrinkle free school uniforms do not crumple so much. Some ironing may still be required to make it look crisp and smart. However, because it does not crease easily, ironing and maintenance time is shorterned.

Thomtex offers interesting cashback deals. It recently launched a membership on its website. Membership is free and sign up is easy. As a new member you will get..

  • RM10 voucher for new signups
  • Extra points for birthday and special days
  • 5% cashback points for each purchase
  • Up to 50% discount for members during sales
  • and more
Sign up here to enjoy discounts and cashback for buying wrinkle free uniforms as shown below.

Wrinkle free primary girl school uniform

Extra-curricular activity uniforms and other accessories are also sold 

Thomtex also sells extra-curricular activities uniforms like the bulan sabit merah, kadet polis, pandu puteri, taekwondo and other uniforms making it a convenient one-stop shop for school uniform needs. It also sells accessories like neck tie, tudung, shoes and backpacks. 

You can browse the full list of items here.

Tip for buying school uniforms online:

Always make sure that you take measurements exactly as directed on the website. Do not be lazy and skip this step by just making a rough estimate. Eg. my child always wears S, I think I will buy S. Do not make this kind of rough estimation. The measurement guide is there for a reason. Every school uniform provider may have slightly different measurement. If you regularly buy S from one site, you may need to buy M in another site. 

However, even after measuring if the uniforms do not fit when you receive them, they have a 30 days window for you to return or exchange. 

Happy Shopping!

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