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Thursday, November 18, 2021

Pentaksiran Setara Standard for Std 1 to Form 4 to be held from 21 Nov to 3 Dec 2021

If you have been following our FB group closely, you may perhaps have seen some parents sharing about Pentaksiran Setara Standard (PSS) for Std 1 to Form 4 to be held from 21 Nov to 3 Dec 2021. We did a little google search to find out more about it and here's what we found.

There are several articles about this in several websites as follows:

- From Harian Post - Pentaksiran Setara Standard 2021 KPM (21 November – 3 Disember)

This site basically explains what the Pentaksiran Setara Standard is all about

- From Sumber Pendidikan - Bank Soalan 2021 untuk Pentaksiran Setara Standard KSSR KSSM

This site includes a schedule of when it is to be held for classes undergoing rotation. It also has some sample past year papers but you may have to browse around quite a bit to get to them. They include free and paid resource and they also have a telegram channel for subscribers.

According to this site, the assessment is to be conducted for Group A from 21 - 25 Nov 2021 and Group B from 28 Nov - 3 Dec 2021 for students going to school on a rotation basis.

If you search "Pentaksiran Setara Standard" on YouTube, you will probably find some videos from teachers as well. Here is one which gives a simple and easy to understand presentation. 

While searching for "Pentaksiran Setara Standard" on Facebook, we found an announcement by a school on the timetable for the assessment. The dates look a week later ie from 28 Nov to 9 December 2021. So there may be some flexibility in the dates too since this is a school based assessment. Here is a proposed timetable  by a primary school and here is  a timetable by a secondary school. for the upcoming Petaksiran Setara Standard as posted by the schools on their FB pages.


So what do we understand from all this? In short, it is an assessment which must be done by all schools for all levels from Standard 1 to Form 4. The assessment will be for all subjects. It will be prepared by subject teachers and schools have the autonomy to decide how to record the results.

As we already know, the academic year is now extended to 2022. The purpose of this assessment is for schools to do a Catch Up Plan (CUP) to prepare students for the final term in 2022.

So now you know what PSS is about, don't panic if you suddenly hear your child say "Ma, next week got test!" 


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