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Friday, November 26, 2021

Where to buy school textbooks and activity books on Shopee

Now you can buy school textbooks online from online commerce sites like shopee. Here are a few sellers from shopee which sells school textbooks. We have shared some stats obtained from Shopee. Note that these stats are dynamic and may change after the writing of this post.

When buying online, it is very important to view the store statistics, which is why we listed them here. Chat performance is a useful indicator especially if you have some questions you would like to ask the seller. Overall rating is useful as well. However, in addition to the overall rating, you should also go to the product that you are buying and read the individual product rating. See the pictures posted by other buyers and read what they have to say. Did the books arrive on time? Were the books properly packaged and did they arrive in good condition? 

Note that school textbooks are given free to all students in public schools in Malaysia. Some parents buy them because the free ones are in poor condition. Others buy them to split into chapters to lighten their child's bag load while others keep a spare at home. 

Another thing to note is the change of the academic year. The new academic year starts on 21 March 2022. You can read our previous post for details: 2022/2023 School  Calendar with School Holidays

1. Citylight Bookstore

Ships from:  Kuantan, Pahang 
Rating: 5.0 (58.1k rating)
Followers: 22.7k
Chat Performance: 100% (Within hours)

2. Buku BDB Official Store

Ships from: Selangor 
Rating: 5.0 (56.5k rating)
Followers: 48.5k
Chat Performance: 88% (Within hours)

3. SBC Book Centre

Ships from: Johor 
Rating: 5.0 (8.3k rating)
Followers: 5.1k
Chat Performance: 99% (Within hours)

4. TNY Mindcraft

Ships from:  Selangor
Rating: 5.0 (84.1k rating)
Followers: 33k
Chat Performance: 100% (Within hours)

5. Gift My

Ships from: Selangor 
Rating: 4.9 (41.7k rating)
Followers: 15.3k
Chat Performance: 88% (Within hours)

Ships from:  Selangor
Rating: 5.0 (3.2k rating)
Followers: 432
Chat Performance: 86% (Within hours)

Ships from:  Kuala Lumpur
Rating: 5.0 (3k rating)
Followers: 30.5k
Chat Performance: 100% (Within hours)

8. Eze Books

Ships from:  Selangor
Rating: 5.0 (3.8k rating)
Followers: 1.3k
Chat Performance: 98% (Within hours)

9. DDY Bookstore

Ships from:  Selangor
Rating: 4.9 (14.5k rating)
Followers: 5.5k
Chat Performance: 99% (Within hours)

Ships from:  Kuala Lumpur
Rating: 5.0  (4.9k rating)
Followers: 53.2k
Chat Performance: 100% (Within hours)

For those which prefer physical bookstores, you can check out our previous post here:
Where to buy Malaysian School Textbooks and Workbooks


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