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Friday, May 17, 2013

Exams Are Over

Woman Jumping For Joy Cartoon
The childrens' mid year exams are finally coming to an end. Yes! We're gonna pig out, laze about, watch movies, sleep in, read books, play games and more. Then in 3 months time, we repeat the grind.

My girl has exams 4 times a year, my boy just 2. I think twice a year is much better. 4 times a  year is too much. Exams are usually over 1 week with 2-4 papers a day. Yesterday she had to sit for 4 papers. How tiring.

Its time for the kids and mom to get a well deserved break. Yahoo!


  1. I second all you said in the above post.

  2. Often i am more relieved than my kids when the exams r over, i agree that twice a year exam is much better.


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