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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

How To Stop Your Child From Making Careless Mistakes During Tests

Angry Mother
There is an old martial arts movie called "The Bride With The White Hair". Well, when I wed, I was The Bride With The Black Hair. Now, I'm turning into The Mom With White Hair.

You see, you spend all this time coaching your kids for their tests. The spouse is on your back to make sure they do well in their studies.

The day of the test comes and goes. Your child says "It was easy mom because I studied so hard" so you breath a sigh of relief and then they come home with the test paper and says......

"Ma, I forgot to do 10 questions." 

That's right. The boy missed out 10 questions on the last page which was on a separate sheet of paper but stapled along with the rest of the test papers. I wonder how he could have missed it. Each question carries 2 marks.

Then the girl comes to you and says

"Ma, I forgot to write my name on the answer sheet."


If anyone has the magic formula on How To Stop Your Child From Making Careless Mistakes During Tests... I'd really like to know it! Obviously my methods aren't working and they include

  • coaching
  • teaching test taking skills
  • telling them what to do
  • reminding them to check their papers thoroughly 
  • testing (in actual test environment)
  • trying to instil good habits
  • reminder checklist
  • training them to proofread their work. 
Nothing works. They still keep on making careless mistakes.


  1. Mine kids are the same. We just have to sound like a total nagger and keep nagging everyday, few times a day a week b4 their exams. I do that all the time but still I spot so many careless mistakes!! I think 'carefulness' will only be ingrained in them as they grow :( :)

  2. For me, consistently nagging and reminding work for my girl so far.

    I started my revision with my girl a week before the exam. Every day must finish one subject. So 6 subjects took 6 days to cover. Then on the day before the exam she will just cover the subject that on exam the next day.

    But I dont think my methods will work for long! Once more is learnt, I will need to cover the subjects for 2 weeks because need to repeat the revision before the exam week. hahaha! and also need to send her to tuition but probably next year. So far she is coping well in school and passed her 1st Primary One exam.

  3. Hi MG, you are not alone....... same thing happened to my 8 years old too! I came back with pulling my hair after seeing the papers! *Sigh* help!


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