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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Family Time

Yoga Poses

It is the school  holidays. Time to do more things together as a family. For us, there is no difference. Every weekend is family time. So is every weekday come to think of it. We do not schedule any activities for the kids during the weekend. No tuition or swimming lessons or ballet class or whatever.

Weekends is strictly for family time and since mommy is a SAHM and the kids are blessed with a daddy who is a family man, weekdays is pretty much for family time too accept, they are usually bogged down by school work so weekends are more fun for them.

Unfortunately, the little one is sick since the start of the school holidays. I hope that he recovers soon so he can enjoy his school holidays a little bit more.

We don't Yoga together but I thought these little froggies we have in our house are cute so I drew them but the message is the same. A family that spends time together, stays together.


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