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Thursday, May 16, 2013

What To Do When Your Parenting Style And Values Differ

Man and Woman Arguing
Children are the glue to many relationships but like it or not, they are also the source of many problems. This is the case when your parenting styles and values differ. When you are dating, especially if you are younger at the time, you very rarely discuss parenting styles, do you?

Things like breastfeeding, feeding, toilet training, education and how you would handle them are never put to the test until you actually experience them. Then your true values, parenting styles which usually come from your own background and upbringing start to show. Then the problem starts.

So how do you handle these problems? What do you do when your parenting style and values differ?

The Negative Way: If we can't work as a team (if you don't do things MY way), then we will always be arguing over this all our lives and we will both never get to bring up the kids the way we want and the kids will lose out too.

The Positive Way: With both our different styles and our mutual love for the kids, we can provide a balanced environment for the children and they will benefit from the best of both worlds.


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