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Monday, May 20, 2013

The Ironing Lady Watches Iron Man 3

Woman Ironing ClothesWith the exams over, we were finally able to take the kids to watch Iron Man 3. There were many kids in the cinema, and it was freezing cold as usual. We wore sweaters, shawls and double or triple layers of clothing as usual because it is always so cold at the cinema.

We did enjoy the movie but something wasn't quite right.......

I know. I think sometimes they try to make the superheroes too human. I want my superhero to be a real superhero. A fantasy figure out to fight the real Mandarin with his magic rings which can send out icy blasts or blasts of flames, not some pretend figure.

I didn't want my superhero to have panic attacks and other weaknesses. I want my superhero to be top secret, not an open secret.

I wanted to be taken away from my real world into a world of fantasy but I wasn't. Still, I enjoyed the show overall but it wasn't really a superhero show. It was just like any other action movie.

In every adult, there is always a child inside. A child who loves fantasy and magic and whose heart is filled with wonder.


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