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Monday, May 13, 2013

How To Teach Kids To Study

Children Studying
I used to sit with my girl to study but now that she is older, I don't do that anymore. I just tell her to do her revision for her exams, that is all.

The problem is, the only thing she seems to be studying all the time is her Chinese subject. I have a headache in trying to teach her how to study.

It would be a lot simpler if she had a lot of time but her homework schedule is very tight, there is hardly time left for any self study or revision.

I can't teach her to draw a schedule for her revision because she doesn't have time for it! We do not send the kids for any other activities apart from piano and whenever the school exams are near, we cut down piano time. So, her tight schedule comes 100 percent from her daily school homework.

I am really at a loss on how to teach the kids to study.


  1. Same there....poor kids with tons of homewrk hardly got time to play oredi.

  2. Oh wow....tough one. As long as her other subjects are not bad then I guess she is doing things right and spending enough time on each of her subjects. All the best.

  3. I am burdened whenever my kids got many loads to do but I know that they will gonna be better having it. I'm a first timer of motherhood. It is really so hard to find reliable and trustworthy day care centers nowadays. Thanks God I've found one! You might love the school too. Childcare Center


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