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Monday, July 18, 2005

Blogging Vs Blog Hopping

Jason has this to say "MG must haven't been visiting my blog for some time. *LOL* "

Yup Jason, sorry, I haven't. Thats because theres only that many hours in a day and though I love blogging it takes up too much time. I wonder how do people manage to blog and read so many blogs in a day thats full of other activities, work, eating, sleeping, play. And besides, theres so many other stuff to read as well, the papers, books, magazines, the www.

So whenever I blog, I have little time to read blogs which I love too. Hmm.... what to do? I think I'll take a short break from blogging (like one week if can tahan, hehehe) to catch up with reading blogs instead.

So I'm off soon (after I get some work done) to do some blog hopping. See you guys on your blog, not on mine. ;-)


  1. Those who does the Blogging and Blog Hopping have no work meh.LOL.

  2. But dont stay away too long, ok!! That is the nice part in my job that I have to read A LOT to stay atop topics. That includes blogs, and I include Malaysian blogs as well. But work comes in between reading, so to speak, lol

  3. It's all about "compartmentalizing".. LOL

  4. "I wonder how do people manage to blog and read so many blogs in a day" - I oso want to ask Lillian about this!!!

  5. Sniff .. Sniff gonna miss u but also have a good time blog hopping ya.

  6. I can't blog and blog hop at the same time.. :)


  7. thquah, yah I wonder that too!

    Andreas, Wah.. I'd like a job like that too. Thanks for visiting my blog.

    solbi, hmm... then I must learn to compartmentalize my time too.

    anon, Yeah. How did you know I was referring to Lilian? (Just kidding ya Lilian?) Haha. Recently she set up a new parenting blog too under her MyMomsBest Parenting website. I wonder where that woman finds the time and energy. Lilian? You there? Can reveal the secret or not?????

    a&a'smom, I said if I can tahan one week off. Hehe. Usually I have so many things to say but maybe they'll stay in my head lah.

    MrsT, me too. I've been missing out on your blogs too since msau sent me the new password, I haven't tried it out yet but you can expect me very soon.

  8. Normally i blog once every two days. So I will have a day to read other blogs :). Hope to hear from you soon~~~

  9. *paiseh* *malu* *hides in a corner*

    Anyway, I don't bout SAHMs, but students really know how to slack off after classes. :) The basic thing is stay up late until 2AM, but that is not applicable to mothers. The second thing is do our own stuff whenever we are free, like going to computer labs to read blogs between 2 classes. Third is put down our studies and go slack off. :)

    What Emotionalistic suggested is another method that is good too. When I didn't have my internet, all I did was go online every 3 days, save all the blogs into my pendrive and then read it within 3 days. Usually will take me up to 3 hours, but cannot comment only. :)

  10. ya MG....i'm really impressed by lilian. with kids at home, she's done a SUPER-FANTASTIC job both on her blogs and other projects. really a SUPERMUM!! ;p

    i guess its all in time management.

  11. emotionalistic, thats a good idea.

    jason, you student mah, got more free time, last time i student dat time sometimes ponteng to go swimming etc. wah luckily when i was a student got no blog. otherwise instead of going to library to study i go to blog.

    twinsmom, yeah, i read your post. so honest hor you mentioned you sked you lose all your fans if don't blog. hahaha. Buden it didn't happen right? You stopped for 2 weeks but when you set up new blog house, got more comments than ever.

    mistyeiz, i think she does speed typing and speed reading. hehehe.

  12. See? I so many days only reach your blog. No time to blog hop these few days 'cos moving MMB. Missed catching up with the latest news.

  13. You know i blog less then of cause blog hopping also less. My grils grow bigger need me more attention and now so sorry all the blogger that i cant managed to visit all the blog just can choose some of it to read.

  14. Honestly, I also could barely blog for the past few weeks. Too busy with studies, there're lectures, assignments, homeworks, and midterm coming up. I also play sports, go out and have fun... y'know, simply living life out of the cyberspace. That IS the real life, no?

    I truly admire bloggers who can blog constantly, even at work. When I was working part-time during the holidays, despite having the computer in front of me everyday, I could hardly have time to blog or read blogs.

    I feel really sad myself when I realise that the number of hits to my page has since gone down, but what to do... really busy what. I think we shouldn't be 'pressured' by the need to blog... because it is, after all, your own blog, right? We should be blogging comfortably, as and when we wish.

    So there, when I feel I've time to read others' and blog myself, then only I do it. Otherwise, I'm just piling up my workload waiting to be completed - in favor of blogging... which isn't the way it's supposed to be. So to all bloggers who've not been seeing me often, so sorry I missed some of your posts (including you ler, MG :p). But rest assured, each time I bloghop, I always begin from the links in my sidebar, first.

    I may be away for a while sometimes, but I always come back :D

    Thanks for ur compliment u left on my site.. hehe. I was so flattered reading it *melts* Thanks! *grins*

  15. 5Xmom, but you still made it here what despite being so busy with moving MMB.

    1+2mom, yah blogging is nice but your girls are growing up so fast so better spend more time with them :)

    narrowband, I mean what I say. I really like to fiddle around with my template as well. Was hunting around for a nice one but when I couldn't find it so I decided to tweak with the colours myself but I don't think it turned out very well. Some ppl see grey instead of cream on my main page body and my sidebar sort of hangs when the main page body is longer as I do not have the src image to "close it up" (not sure if you know what I mean). I also don't like my heading banner but donch know how to change that.

  16. i know nuts about html and css and crap like that, too. i also play around based on trial and error ;p based on a template i found from this site http://www.erisfree.com/d2/apart.php

    so far, i noticed only one other blogger who uses the same template as mine. but i've since modified mine to include more stuff lah.. the standard (given) one was a good starting point. i scared to include too many things, because that also means longer loading time.

  17. See? Cannot read MG's blog liao. All because of who? Who? Who?

  18. Thanks for that link Narrowband. They have very nice professional looking templates don't they?

    Kiasi. Hahaha. You're reading too much lar. MG has just been busy. That is all. Wait ah.. I update my blog now.


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