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Thursday, July 28, 2005

How to Edit Your Blogger Comments

Recently someone left a comment on my Blogger Comments system which I wanted to edit. So I searched the web and found this cool tool from A consuming Experience blog to share with all those out there who are as stingy smart as me and do not wish to pay for their comments system and yet still want to have features like editing etc. The author of the blog has even put up a simple form to edit comments on a once off basis. I tried it. Its very easy to use. I've bookmarked it and just have to share it cos' its really useful! And the best thing...... I don't have to pay!

While I'm in the mood for sharing, here are two other links I find interesting:

  • Things I've learned from blogging - An interesting read. The blogger lists 42 things he's learned from blogging on his blog's (Asterisk) 3rd anniversary. All bloggers will be able to relate to this.
  • Mandarin Design - "Blog Tips and Tricks - served copy and paste style" is their tagline. I love copy and paste! I love copy and paste! It gives my blog the professional (*ahem*) look without my putting too much effort into it. I especially like the box tips and text tricks. See my most reason posts? Can you tell that I've been playing with text?

I realise that apart from satisfying my love for writing, blogging also satisfies my love for design and graphics. Messing with my template gives me almost as much pleasure as writing a blog post. I don't have to be very good at art and graphics (like twinsmom) to be artistic online because there are so many tools to use. That reminds me. I would love to put up my small collection of poems from my occassional inspirational writings/poetic blog (*ahem ahem*) on my website complete with beautiful graphics and music. Oh.... if only I had the time.


  1. Great links! Thanks heaps!

  2. thanks for sharing, mumsgather. very useful to bloggers indeed. hehe, cheers. :)

  3. thnx for the links. I wonder when I can ever make use of it.. *sigh*

  4. *ahem, ahem* hehehe...
    cool tool, thanks man, save my time :-).

  5. I agree with you .. MG, blogging gives me a chance to do pretty things .. :)

  6. wah....so happening la u, MG!! of course i noticed the changes. been tweaking n fiddling with mine too! hehehe....havent checked out the links yet but i BET its going to take all my time after i get started. :)

    thanks a mil!

  7. Solbi, You're most welcome and btw, I really like the layout on your blog. Its one of those I "refer" to when I feel like tweaking with my template. Hehehe.

    matakecil, anytime. Cheers!

    hazel, work comes first yah?

    twinsmom, :)

    Big Bok, Yah I noticed you like pretty things too!

    misty, tweaking with the template requires a lot of trial and error for us unless you're an expert.

  8. Ai yi I also cut and paste only. That's the only skill I have,lol

  9. thquah, lol. thats a very good skill to have yes?

  10. you cut-and-paste meh? wah, so good... i would have never known, unlike someone... :D

  11. Wooahhh!!! Thanksssss. I really need this. *muaacckkss*

  12. Belachan, you oso cut and paste kaki??

    dizzyguy73, sama-sama.

  13. Sometimes I spend more time editing the design and playing around with the template than blogging itself.

    How ironic. Haha. But why not, because I began blogging out of curiosity - not for the love of writing or expressing or venting my anger, relieving stress, etc. Sheer curiosity. So the HTML stuff helps educate me on the more technical side of blogging.

    We've this in common, MG :p Some people are only interested in posted their text and pics up and that's it.

  14. Thanks a lot. This really comes in handy. I just needed it today!

  15. narrowband, want to post pics up oso need a little bit of tech knowledge. ;)

    Lazybone, glad you found it useful.

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