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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Girls are made of .........

Girls are natural born nurturers. You don't have to teach them. They just know how.

Recently when todder saw mummy crying .....

Toddler: "Mummy why you got tears? Wait ah... I kiss your tears. Wait ah.... I take tissue paper to wipe your tears."

Then she proceeded to kiss my face and gently wipe the tears off my face with a tissue.

Now that made me want to cry harder... but for a different, much happier reason. So, If you'll excuse me now....Waaaaaahhhh! *Sob sob sob*, Boo Hoo Hoo...... I love little girls, especially my own. Hehehe.


  1. amazing how one can brighten up your day by just being there.

    you're lucky.

  2. *sniff*sniff*

    Now I miss my mummy liao!!!!

  3. ooohhh ... that's nice. how touching. children are always a good source of joy and love. thanks for sharing *sob* *sob* *tears licked by my snake* *sorry no daughter yet* ... hehe, who say man CANNOT cry? man also got feeling mah :)

  4. I guess I am lcky to have a daughter too. Other positive points: Anyway, I see most of the people taking care of their old parents are the daughters. Plus, more ladies going to local universities than guys.

  5. That's so sweeetttt..!!


  6. Lucky you! Whenever I pretend to cry my monkey boy just laughs. :)

  7. That is so sweet. Hopefully she will be that caring as she grows up. You know, some people tend to be heartless. (Shit ass!) But, y MG cry in the first place?

    James : Your monkey boy? LOL...

  8. Michelle, The little ones light up our lives so.

    mistyeiz, ya girls are like that, very sweet one....

    simmie, better call mummie then.

    matakecil, thanks for dropping by. How come you have soooo many blogs and err... you have a snake for a pet ar???

    adam, yah it appears that daughters tend to be the nurturer in adulthood too.

    belachan, you've got two, so double the sweetness and joy loh.

    mrst, Chloe will be that way too :)

    james, hahaha. jesse knows you are pretending mah...

    Jason, yah hopefully. Why cry? Just one of those little things lah. I cry baby you don't know ah. Hehehe.

  9. So cute....but why did mumsgather cry??

  10. Oh these wonderful & precious moments definately worth the labour pain , sleep deprevation & other things we mommies go thru.

  11. That was from me-a&a'smom

  12. I also want to cry liao~~~

  13. I thought you want to say girls are made of tau-fu, after read it found girls are made of water, regardless the age :D.

  14. emotionalistic, sad movies always makes me cry...

    a&a'smom, most definitely worth it.

    crazygrrl, boo hoo hoo. waaaaahhh.

    kiasi, guys oso cry right?

    twinsmom, why water? you mean tears ah?

  15. Thats why i like the girls most. Yesterday i just play bit bit with 1+2dad, the girls saw her daddy bully mommy they start cry ler..so sweet of them. My son he just play together with us and help his daddy bully me :(

  16. LOL. Boys will be boys. At the moment my baby boy too young for that. He still very manja. Always like to put his head on me.

  17. Well I am not a mum but I know what you mean MG.. my niece knows how to console me when I'm sad and pacify me when I get angry with something she did.. by holding/touching my face and putting her cheeck against mine. What your little girl did is really soo sweet .. *sobsob*


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