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Monday, July 25, 2005


From my previous post you know by now that I breastfeed and carry my babies to sleep.

Toddler has graduated from being breastfed, to being carried to sleep and now at 3 years old she is an independant sleeper. Everynight after I breastfeed baby to sleep, I would chit-chat in whispering tones with toddler about books she has read, people whom we've met, places we've been, cartoons she has watched etc and she simply loves it.

On one of the nights last week, the moon was very full and round and lovely. We drew the curtains from our bedroom back so we could look at the moon while we slept. We chit chatted about the moon and sang moon songs. It was really fun for me too.

After our chit-chat, I would usually give her a kiss and a hug then tell her "Wait for mummy, mummy has to go to the toilet/have a drink" and leave the room (to watch Mr MG's favourite kungfu movie with him). By the time I get back she would be sound asleep. Once she even chased me out of the room. After I finished feeding baby, she told me "Mummy go out to the toilet." I very sleepily told her that I had gone to the toilet to which she thought awhile before retorting "Go out and switch off the computer!"

She still likes to be cuddled to sleep. She would pull my arm so that it was around her waist while we chit-chat and say "Mummy hug hug." However, sometimes when she is very sleepy, she would push my hand away and say "Its ok mummy. Goodnite kiss already." because my heavy arm makes it difficult for her to fall asleep!

Baby is still being breastfed to sleep but now at 1 year old, he is beggining to show signs of falling asleep independantly. Sometimes after a breastfeed, he would roll all over the bed, sit up and flip back several times, stare at the ceiling, raise his little hands to study them etc. I let him do his thing while I chit-chat softly with toddler (while making sure he doesn't hit his head against the wall when he flips back suddenly) and after a while when I peep at him, he would have fallen asleep, quite suddenly. Moments ago, he looked so awake and all of a sudden he's asleep. Its very amusing to watch.

I think we all need to remember that bedtime is really a rather nice time of the day to unwind and relax with the babies instead of getting worked up about why they are having such a difficult time falling asleep, being so needy etc.


  1. Very well written! Hope more new mums will read this.

  2. NICE...
    So? who said breastfeed baby very sticky? and what so wrong being sticky?

  3. I've got two very active children here so bedtime is kinda sticky situation if have to put both of them to sleep. I usually end up having to raise my voice or even showing the cane (sometimes using it and regret later). *sigh* have to control, control, control...
    But most of the time son will fall asleep in the car when I fetch him home, so that's easier.

  4. Sleep time is always the most intimate time between Wei Shan, my wife and myself. She is going to be 4 soon but still likes to sleep in the same room with us. Her favorite moment is when she lie down in our king size bed bewteen me and my wife and we would kiss both side of her cheeks at the same time! And usually right after that, she would push my face to my wife's face so that we can kiss each other directly on top of her. When my lips touches my wife's, she will laugh and laugh and laugh!

  5. My girl is ten but we enjoy spending at least ten minutes together in bed at bedtime (either hers or mine) just cuddling and talking about her day (mostly). And it's precious time indeed.

  6. a&a'smom, thanks.

    belachan, :)

    twinsmom, sticky like glue buden they were stuck like glue to us for 9 months before that oso right?

    domestic goddess, having two requires more coordination. I wasn't sure whether to give them staggered or same bedtime but in the end decided that the same bedtime saves me time but occassionally when baby is very sleepy I will let him sleep first then toddler gets more undivided attention from me.

    orion, how sweet! My bro and sis missed their kids much more than the kids missed them when they moved into their own rooms around ages 6+.

    debookworm, oh good. than I can look forward to this chit chat sessions for longer. :)

  7. During our last car trip, sueanne would open her eyes really big when i turn back to look at her. 5 mins later, she would be fast asleep with her head tilted very sideways (car seat too big for her). It was like a desparate attempt to keep her eyes open for as long as she can, haha.

  8. Can agree more with u, MG. I nurse Justin to sleep too. But sometimes when he prefers sucking thumb then McB, I feel sad because he has found other alternative. I surely hope he can just rely on McB to sleep for at least another year.

  9. mrsb, haha, SueAnne so funny.

    shoppingmum, you terbalik from ppl. Ppl worry bb get too attached to McB. Haha.

  10. MG - I share this on Mom's Daily ya?

    Did I tell you that once upon a time, I kicked one MMB's member out because of these different thoughts on putting young children to sleep? Yeah, let him cry for a while each night and soon he will learn, my foot! So, you know how agigated I get whenever I hear of people trying to put their child to sleep as a 'good riddance'.

  11. Pleased to be on your Mom's Daily. :)

  12. I forgot to add that I feel as strongly as you do in this respect and get irritated when some mum tells me proudly that her baby has been taught to sleep on their own from day one in a separate room by their confinement ladies. As far as I'm concerned thats not something to be so proud of. Its not as if you're going to get medals for it!!


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