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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Things that don't get said on a first date

Here are some of the things I think don't get said on first dates. Care to share some others? For those who are married/been together for a long time, do you still remember your first dates?
  • "Eeeeyeea! You ate all my meehoon!" (While sharing a plate of meehoon mee)
  • "Lets ta pau/eat faster. Tonite got F1/M-I."
  • "I think I forgot to brush my teeth this morning."
  • "Your shirt got hole already lah."
  • "What time is it? Five minutes later...... "What time is it?"
  • "That waiter/waitress is not bad looking man!"
  • "Can you pay first? I forgot my wallet."
  • "I insist we go Dutch. I believe in equal rights."
  • "How come your hands feels so sweaty?"
  • *Yaaaawwwwn!*

Anyone going on a first date soon? Here's some tips for the guys and gals. I think they're too cliche and common sense knowledge though. So here's MG's tip : Just be yourself. No need to go all out to impress. Simple isn't it?


  1. don't wear new cloth/dress and shoe on 1st date, you might keep wander the bra strap show or not (it is OK to those who want 'satu malam berdiri'), or scratch you back because of the new material. and the new shoe might leave you keep thinking of going home wear slipper while waling in the rain.
    speaking of experience :P.

  2. twinsmom, why you wake up so early this morning ha? I just published you so fast comment adi. "Satu malam berdiri" rotflol til pip liao. Very tiring hor.

  3. I think the girl will say "How come your hands feels so sweaty?" or "Why your hand so wet?" on the first date... *sniff sniff* My hands sweat alot, what more when holding girl's hand.

  4. aiyoo jason.....susah lor like that. :)

    first dates are weird. ;) always end up in a kekok situation. lost for words, speechless - silence is a killer!!

  5. In a hurry lah, drop you off at the LRT station, okay?

  6. Don't bring alone ur friends if u r interest with the guy...
    guys don't talk about football & F1 all night lah..

  7. Aiyah so long already how to remember.... still thinking hard. Sorrylah cannot remember.. 1st date maybe was just like looking into her eyes only to let her fall in love with me.lol ):

  8. Jason, last time Mr MG used to ask me how come my hands so sweaty. Grrrr.... Geram. Gancheong mah. Like dat oso dunno.

    yvylyn, ya ya. silence is not golden then.

    fishtail, aiyoh. kesian. In your case maybe it will have to be, sorry in a hurry to catch Air Asia flight. Hehehe.

    msau, yah lor. afterwards the guy eye your friend how ar?

    thquah, hahaha. wah.. you used your eyes like electricity to zap your date. Seriously, I oso kenot remember liao.

  9. 1)Are we officially couple?

    2) Can you be my girlfriend...

    3) Can i hold your hand...

    4) shit...u have moustache....

    5) ei! u have bushy armpit! walaoeh..


  10. Hey.. MG,
    Alot of things cannot say.. and cannot do .. on first date..!
    Lucky me.. donch need to go thru' this with MrT .. coz' we know each other for 6yrs first.. before going on first date.. !! and some more fly to go on our first date..! so he better not say anything bad about me.. or i would have terajang him.. hahahahha!!

  11. "Lets ta pau/eat faster. Tonite got F1/M-I."

    Lucky I got married before the MI phenomenon. Hahahhaha

  12. emperor kuzco, you fast worker hor?

    MrsT, I have not forgotten that you still owe me a cyber love story!

    James, I'm sure you would have come up with some lines like "How about going back to my place to watch F1/MI."

  13. My first date? erm... *paiseh* no girl falls in love with me before. So, I never paktoh before.

  14. This is interesting. Most people tend to "overdo" with too much hypocrisy. They put on a different mask altogether on first date! Later only start to reveal true self... bla bla bla. Typical story isn't it?

  15. Oh another thing you wouldn't want to utter (if you're a female, 4 example):

    *phone rings, it's ur ex*
    Ur date asks: Who called you?
    You lie: Oh, it was just my mom...

  16. kiasi, you got plenty of time to paktoh later no worries.

    Narrowband, since when you turned bananas? heh heh. And btw, why is your story applicable to females only. I think its unisex.

  17. wei...abt time you brought up a post on first kisses!! lol


  18. err... i kenot remember wor... how??

  19. Ei, I remember I commented something? Kena censored.

    Forget what I merepek yesterday liao. NVM.

  20. Allo, allo! Lol! You commented next door at the Haloscan side lah. Haha.

  21. Memories .. Mc Donalds Kota Raya in 1985 ... order nuggets only .. no need to open mouth big big ... *ha ha*

  22. Haha. Yah, must think of easy things to eat only.


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