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Friday, July 15, 2005

I'll always be here

When you've tried your best
And you need a little rest
Its okay my dear
Cos' I'll always be here

When you feel a little weary
From this tiring journey
Don't look far look near
Cos' I'll always be here

When others let you down
And makes you want to frown
I hope to bring you cheer
Cos' I'll always be here

When you're tired from your burden
And there seems no solution
You know you can persevere
Cos' I'll always be here

I'll always be here dear
You know I am sincere
Together we'll feel no fear
As we go from year to year

Copyright by mumsgather (Cheywah! Like real)
If anyone wants to steal this (as if they would) I'd be flattered, but please provide a link back to me. Thats all I ask since I have no money to sue for plagiarism.

I like to write a little verse from time to time and am so happy to find this RhymeZone rhyming dictionary and thesaurus to help me with my words. Those of you who like to rhyme may find it useful too. Gosh! I just love the internet. It has everything.


  1. wah!!! must be the poem-fever goin around la. ;) you should join my gang. me, sharon, oshun, desiderata...all poem gila. :) i love urs...so simple n so sincere.

    good job done!! well written....


  2. You just made my day. I got into dabbling in poetry too and just recently started to put them into rhymes. Great site. Thanks "Mums".

  3. that's a very good 1, MG!! simple n sweet.

  4. Wow..!! so nice .. MG..!!
    Good thing you say .. you won't sue me.. if i copy.. .hahah!!
    Lately.. i've been very wary about everything.. after my neighbour threatened to sue me for $42K.. for putting up his son photo on my blog. hahhaha!!

  5. mistyeiz, wah got so many poem gang. Are their links all on your blog?

    lcteh, you just made my day too :-)

    crazygrrl, the words just flow out when you write from the heart.

    fishtail, coming from you, I take that as a BIG compliment. Thanks!

    mrst, we must always be careful about what we post on a public blog, yes?

  6. MG, you definately good talentlah!

  7. Oh ya thxs for the rhyming link as it will be useful for my boys' studies

  8. not really..havent put them on yet...but soon. ;) have u checked out mine?

  9. Wah...next time can come over here to subscribe for love poems for my boyfriend already ;P.

  10. thanks for the link MG..it was great..

  11. Nice words.......remind me of life in marriage.

  12. a&a'smom, thanks and you're welcome.

    mistyeiz, yes I have and I left a comment too :)

    emotionalistic, afraid you will be disappointed cos got not many. hehe.

    twinsmom, eh you still busy weaving up your dream site ah. btw at the moment, your page still too wide for my browser.

    atiza, sama-sama.

    thquah, :)

  13. thanks!! read ur comment n WELCOME TO DA CLUB!! :D


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