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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Reflections of a SAHM - Part 1

"He's afraid. He's resentful, frustrated and depressed. He feels trapped by his responsibility to provide for his family. He's locked into a job or career that he no longer enjoys because he must keep the kids in college and make payments on the house and car.If he's like most men, he may be in responsibility overload and desperately in need of a break from financial responsibilities and the daily demands of work that he's probably had since he got out of school. He may resent the fact he cannot make the choices that so many women can as far as choosing whether or not they want to work and at what. He needs a long break from responsibility but he knows that is an impossibility. If he stops, he loses everything he has worked so hard for, but, if he doesn't stop, there is a good chance he will lose it anyway. He's trapped."

excerpts from the article "HIS Midlife Crisis! Will Your Relationship Survive?" by Pat Gaudette, founder of The Midlife Club

My greatest regret about becoming a SAHM (housewife) is the pressure it puts on my man. Unlike women, most of the time, a man has no choice. He can't say "I want to quit to look after the kids." Thats tough!

Its even harder for men whose wives do not work. Not happy with the job? Not happy with the boss? the company? the long hours? etc etc??? Just grin and bear it or change jobs but change is never easy especially if your whole household depends on your one single income. The pressure must be tremendous. Sigh.

Somedays, I feel like my man is out there fighting a fire breathing mythical creature while me and the kids are in our cave protected and safe. Perhaps its time for me to don an armour to fight the creature alongside my man.

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