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Friday, September 23, 2005

Funny things children say

My Girl continues to amuse and thrill me with her words.

My Girl: "Mummy, what is that?" (points to my eye)

MG: "What?"

My Girl: "Its me!" (she exclaimed with excitement.) "Like mirror like that." (as she points to the pupils of my eye and saw her own reflection.)

MG: "Hahaha. Ya, thats mummy's reflection. Look! Mummy is in there too." (Points to her eyes.)

New Game devised by My Girl.

My Girl: "I want this one." (points to me.)

MG: "Whats this?" (Puzzled)

My Girl: "Mummy!" (Beaming. Then comes and hugs me and we would both break into laughter at this funny game she devised.)


  1. more! more!
    really nice to read this kinda stuff :)

  2. aiyoh! *squeeze you cutey girl* cannot tahan la, so sweet....

  3. I don't mind to get diabetes with reading more of this "sweet" talk :).

  4. Yeah...so sweet! I think I gotta wait few more years for my turn!

  5. :) to me, my mum is my bestest friend ever!!

    i hope ur daughter turns out this way too. :)

  6. Wow so sweet...if it were to be me, sure hug and kiss my girl gila oredi if she said that

  7. egghead, you can write more yourself. hehe.

    sue, ya lor, I oso squeeze her, kenot tahan. :)

    maria, you get double sweet talk.

    jefferene, it will be a short wait becos they grow up so very fast.

    yvy, thats lovely.

    jazzmint, done, done. hehe.

  8. Your gal is so sweet...:D. I try to hug my children as much as possible. Some day when they all grow up, I am going to miss that. Hey your children are the same age as mine. My boy is 3+ and my gal is 1+.

  9. michelle, then its time you make more kids to hug. hehehe.

  10. Children are just too cute..! my brat when she comes to the store.. after her naps.. just screams and run to me.. with so much excitment..hahah! it's heartwarming.. i tell you ..! priceless..!

  11. Ya its priceless! My Girl often calls out to me during the day saying "I loooove my mummy." etc. Better enjoy these little declarations of love and adoration while she's still willing to declare. Hahaha.

  12. hey record it down lar.. u sure will miss it one day when u are old..


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