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Friday, September 23, 2005

Funny things children say

My Girl continues to amuse and thrill me with her words.

My Girl: "Mummy, what is that?" (points to my eye)

MG: "What?"

My Girl: "Its me!" (she exclaimed with excitement.) "Like mirror like that." (as she points to the pupils of my eye and saw her own reflection.)

MG: "Hahaha. Ya, thats mummy's reflection. Look! Mummy is in there too." (Points to her eyes.)

New Game devised by My Girl.

My Girl: "I want this one." (points to me.)

MG: "Whats this?" (Puzzled)

My Girl: "Mummy!" (Beaming. Then comes and hugs me and we would both break into laughter at this funny game she devised.)

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