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Monday, September 19, 2005

Tags, tags and more tags....

I owe twinsmom a shoe tag from looooonnnnng ago. Don't have many shoes, so going to give that a miss. Sorry Maria.

I pretended not to see Egghead's tag on 7 things you plan to do to do or something like that. You see, first I've got to go and do the 7 things on my priority which I've been procrastinating on. Sorry Egghead.

Then I chanced upon the life history tag from Atiza. Oops! I almost missed that. Sorry Atiza. That sounds like a fun tag but I'm not doing it becos James has spoilt it for everyone (*pouts*) since he did such a good post on that. Just looking for an excuse or someone to blame for not doing it. Haha. Sorry James.

I still remember the first time, I got tagged.... by Papi. I was a real dungu and didn't know what a meme was then and so I replied his tag... in his comments page! Sorry Papi. Then I got wiser and one day I tagged him back... but he didn't reply so he got his own back. Hehehe.

Solbi also owes me some tag on some subject matter which I can't quite remember now. Don't be sorry Solbi.

Mama22beas also tagged me before, but I've forgotten.... on what and whether I replied. Sorry Mama22beas.

Did I forget to mention anyone? I can be rather forgetful as you can see.

These tags/memes can be fun and often allows one to know a blogger better and its a good way to know more bloggers if you are linked and you link others back but sometimes, just sometimes it feels like an empty 'filler' post, or sometimes its just plain boorrring depending on my mood. Sometimes it feels just slightly better than an email chain letter which I will delete without reading. At least I read tags, occassionally. Jason calls it spam.

If you ever get tagged by me and don't feel like replying, well, just ignore it then.
If you ever tag me and I don't reply, or don't even realise it, then don't feel offended ok?
If you read a nice tag and feel like doing it even though nobody tagged you, then just go right ahead and write a post on it.

Well, that just about sums out how I feel about tags and memes.

Whats your feeling about tags or memes?

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