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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Of waving bye bye and flying kisses

Just wanted to record here an update of My Boy's development. My Boy has many skills now. My Boy Can:
  • Clap Hands (One of the first skills he learned. Wonder why its that way with most babies. Hehe. I think its becos they have just discovered their hands and are delighted they can make sounds with them.)
  • Point Here and There ("I wanna go/see here/there/this/that")
  • Wave Bye Bye
  • Blow A Kiss
  • Pull my hand to guide me to do something for him (eg. take a toy back from his sister, read a book etc)
  • Dance (ppl call him a disco kaki in the making wor)
  • "Read" a book (Or when I read to him, he would smile from ear to ear when I open a page to reveal a favourite nursery rhyme or story)
  • Do some of the actions in an action song or rhyme when being read or sang to. For eg stamping feet (If You're Happy And You Know It song) or tipping himself over the side (I'm A Little Teapot Song) as is required by the song.
  • Give a wet kiss. Hehe. Meaning a kiss full of drool for mummy only!
  • Climb down the bed by himself in the morning (the bed is almost as tall as him but he would go to the edge, turn himself around, then come down, legs first. hehe. smart boy.)
  • Play with toys in the correct manner instead of merely flinging them around. haha. He likes to take his sister's masak masak toys, pretend to "cook" then "feed" us with the toy spoon
  • His molars are out! Ok. That was not a skill but just wanted to record this development somewhere.

On Sunday night we were playing with some blocks when we stuck some blocks together and pretended that it was a phone. Putting the 'phone' next to our ear, we said "Hello" and he did the exact same thing and said "Hello" too. (Though it sounded more like "Ewa". He repeated it a few more times. Hubby and I wants to wait for more confirmation before we declare "Hello" as his first word. Hehe.

On Monday night, we were reading bedtime stories and we pointed to the clock and I think he said "Clock" after us. Tried it again last night with the real clock and again he said "Clock". So maybe thats the second word. Must hear him repeat it a few more times before can confirm.

My Girl's first words were:

  1. "Daddy" (not even dada or papa but "daddy" - is it any wonder that she is daddy's girl?)
  2. "Car" (maybe she likes to go out in a car ride)
  3. "Lights" (becos everytime I put her down to change, I point to the lights and say "lights" so that she would be distracted and not turn over. Me things My Boy will say "Lights" too pretty soon becos I'm using the same old trick. ) and
  4. "Chair" (not sure why)


  1. hehe, my girl also very good at climbing down the bed. But she is very stingy at kissing, we have to beg her for kissing us everyday.

  2. Taught my boy from an early age to come down from chairs legs down first as he kept wanting to come down by himself. Now even he's running around a lot, when he comes to big steps, he sits, turns around and legs down first! As for speaking, everything he points at is 'maa..maa..maa'.. don't know if he's really calling me or not! Point at his papa's photo and go 'maa..maa..maa..'. Go figure!

  3. my boy kisses also like 'want to eat me' as wat u said in ur previous post. and his 1st word? hmm.. as i remembered its 'papa'... does it means he also daddy's boy?? *__*

  4. jefferene, haha. luckily my girl quite generous with her kisses and hugs. Sometimes she would say aloud "I loooove my mummy." Kaki bodek that one.

    kc, mine says mumumumum when he sees me and mumumumum when he sees food. I was going to teach him how to come down legs first but then he figured it out on his own. One morning I opened the bedroom door and saw him standing on the floor smiling proudly and happily and he's been doing it since, getting down legs first, from the bed and the chair or sofa.

    shiaulin, ya lor, he is still giving me the "full of saliva, eat my face" kind of kiss. Haha. But I don't mind...


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