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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Rainforest in a Shopping Complex

Took the kids to feed the koi fishes at the "Rainforest" in 1 Utama recently.

Baby/My Boy was so enthusiastic, had to keep on pulling him back by the collar to prevent him from falling into the pond. He kept on reaching out to try to touch the fishes. Hehe. Luckily none of them decided to try out the fish feed for themselves.

Before I forget, I also need to record my amazing "feat". Yes! Recently, we dragged two kiddoes out of bed at 6.30am, was out of the house by 7am (I even had time to put on some war paint to take photo for MyKad but had to wake up at 6.00am to do that :P), went to two govt departments (ie to do MyKad and to EPF for something else) and a customer service centre (to get update some documentation) and was back in the house by 12.00pm with breakfast and lunch all on the go. And we SURVIVED! Woohoo!

We were called to the counter at the same time when doing the MyKad and by that time baby was extremely fretful (What to do. Babies hate waiting around with nothing to do, much more than us adults hate it.) So we each took a kid with us. Yeeeee.... I dare not look at the MyKad photo when its ready. I'm sure I must look very hassled. Mr MG had to take his photo with toddler in tow. Luckily by the time it was my turn to take the photo, he could take a wiggly baby away from me, but I didn't have time to comb my hair....... or look in the mirror..... or put on fresh lipstick.......and I was sweating..... Yeeeeee!


  1. you should have a angry look while taking photo for MyKad... so people don't dare to steal yours away...

    Hmmm... when I am going to do mine???

  2. My mother in law took my nearly 2 years old daughter to see the newly opened aquaria at KLCC. Since then my daughter has been pressuring us to take to see "Ikang". Now I can take her to 1 Utama - its nearer.

  3. adam: oh my god.. aquaria KLCC? We try to go, guess how long is the queue? From 1 utama old wings to new wings...frustrating!By the way, is it Good?

    MG: Wow! 1 utama got such nice fish pond ah? Must go and cc. U remind me that I need to get my MYkad done too.

  4. nvm, nobody look good in their IC photo, those looks good wan don't fren them hahaha...
    hei, the rainforest in 1U, Annabelle fav. spot, before we catch her on time, she sit by the edge want to go down swimming already! jialat!

  5. egghead, good idea. Hey! Maybe it'll turn out with an angry look after all the fuss the kids kicked up. Heh heh.

    adam, allyfeel, its at the new wing. Its a conservatory with over 100 species of flora and fauna, a waterfall and suspension bridge too. However, you'll feel like going to the Aquaria after reading Maria's post
    about it.

    Maria, Hehe. Did she get wet? Eh you did your MyKad already ah?

  6. Last time when I redo my IC, that fella took my photo was very nice. After taking my photo, she showed me, asked me satisfy ornot. I took the shot twice! hehehe

  7. I did my MyKad already lor, brought along the girls and Auntie Shirley on wheelchair, so the supervisor behide the counter quick quick get us to jump queue. and to add on the fast service also because that day got newspaper interview mah (is a Sunday), then I was on newspaper too :pbpbpb...

    nah, Annabelle wish, just the second before she jump into the pond her daddy caught her, wet the shoe a bit, dare-devil that one.

    KLCC Aquaria should pay me commission liao, then I can pay you hahaha...

  8. MG: the joy of motherhood er? Thanks for your comment. I am a lot better:)

  9. Poor MG..! the price of motherhood..!
    i never put on make up anymore.. for my brat would just smear everything.. i have on.. even lipstick..!!

  10. Annie, wah, so good ah. Mine was a stern looking chap. :O

    maria, too bad I missed the newspaper article liao.

    mystic, I'm glad to hear you are feeling better. Take care.

    big bok, wait till our girls grow older, than we'll be trying to stop them from using makeup too early. hehehe.

  11. aiyoo...MyKad? i did mine a few mth ago n already collected it. i THOUGHT i looked ok, turned out like a zombie oni! yioh....my sis n i are plotting to lose the cards n reapply (planning lar but wont lar). u can do wat ever but maybe 2/10 will look ok n the lucky ones like annie got the chance to see shot n TAKE another one. wuuahh....that day got strike lottery or not? :P

  12. yvy, dunno why ic photo always so ugly wan...

  13. I still have not done my MyKad yet. I'm gonna get fined ... arg!!!
    Anyone know of any place to do that has not many people. Can't afford the wait with a toddler and a baby tagging along.

  14. twin, I took my baby and toddler along and it wasn't that bad. They have better procedure for doing it now so you don't have to wait there all the time after you get your number. They will give you a rough estimate what time you have to return. So the kids won't get so fidgety.


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