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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Too Tired

The day before yesterday My Boy did not have a good afternoon nap. Later in the evening around 9pm....

Baby was all ready for bed and Mr MG had gone into the room for a rest so I told him to watch baby while I got My Girl ready for bed.. ie brush teeth, wash face etc.

When I was changing My Girl into her pyjamas I could hear baby crying on and off and Mr MG singing very loudly in the bedroom. After changing My Girl, we went into the room and there was baby sound asleep on daddy's chest. Hahaha. Baby must have been very tired to fall asleep with his daddy singing so very loudly.

Daddy didn't want to move for a while savouring the moment so we let him sleep that way for a while.

According to Mr MG, baby was tired and fretful so he sang very loudly to provide him with some distraction to fall asleep and it worked! Hahaha. Thats the loudest lullaby I ever heard and it wasn't even a lullaby song. It was just Mr MG's signature tune/bedtime song for the kids. My Man can't sing! He certainly won't sing for me but for the kids.... anytime... but I don't mind.

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