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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Too Tired

The day before yesterday My Boy did not have a good afternoon nap. Later in the evening around 9pm....

Baby was all ready for bed and Mr MG had gone into the room for a rest so I told him to watch baby while I got My Girl ready for bed.. ie brush teeth, wash face etc.

When I was changing My Girl into her pyjamas I could hear baby crying on and off and Mr MG singing very loudly in the bedroom. After changing My Girl, we went into the room and there was baby sound asleep on daddy's chest. Hahaha. Baby must have been very tired to fall asleep with his daddy singing so very loudly.

Daddy didn't want to move for a while savouring the moment so we let him sleep that way for a while.

According to Mr MG, baby was tired and fretful so he sang very loudly to provide him with some distraction to fall asleep and it worked! Hahaha. Thats the loudest lullaby I ever heard and it wasn't even a lullaby song. It was just Mr MG's signature tune/bedtime song for the kids. My Man can't sing! He certainly won't sing for me but for the kids.... anytime... but I don't mind.


  1. maybe the baby hope to sleep so that those loud voice can be filtered off?? LOL

    I sing to my son to get him to sleep when Mrs. Egghead's nipples was not around :P

    Somehow... it work really well!

  2. hehe, Mr MG is very creative...the way he sang & the lyrics. Last time when my girl cried, hubby will rocked her and sang those Hakka "san ko", very funny! Luckily they don't sing to us, else all my "bulu" will stand up and freeze!

  3. egghead, "maybe the baby hope to sleep so that those loud voice can be filtered off??"

    Exactly! "Oh No. Not daddy singing again. Better pretend to sleep. Zzzzz" Hahaha.

    Jefferene, Thats why they dare not sing. Sked we laugh at them. Hehehe.

  4. so good la, your hubby sings... my husband can't sing to save his life! (or at least i've never heard him sing!)

  5. Sometimes you've just got to admire the father of our child for their ingenious, innovative ways of fathering! Don't you just love them even more?? I think I want more kids!!

  6. sue, he can't sing. he really can't. Its off tune singing but as long as the kids love it and can even fall asleep to it... hehehe... I'm not complaining!

    kc, Me too! Me too! (if age, health, time and money permits of course.)

  7. My hubby can only do funny action to make his children laugh. Never hear him sing before except in church. Hey mumsgather, secretly tape it and let us hear your hubby sing...hehehe

  8. hehehe....so sweet, cant say he dont try right? :)

    wei, u nvr come to my new house oredi? :( hardly see u there liow. u still angry hor?

  9. lucky u, my hubby can never make my boy fall asleep. my xuan always got excited to see his daddy around, then they will non stop playing until i stop them (me always be a bad mummy). or else, that will be another sleepless nite *rolls eyes*

  10. michelle, kenot! Mr MG will kill me! lol.

    yvy, I where got so "siu hei" one. hehe. I got drop by your new house, just didn't comment that is all ;). One thing which I haven't done tho is to update your link on my bloglines feed. Hmm.. procrastinator.

    shiaulin, have another baby, then he got no choice but to try his own skill to help bb sleep loh. hehehe.

  11. hehe, I have the same suggestion as Michelle...tell him can be used for his future grandchildren ma. When he oledi, no teeth, then can play the casette lor!

  12. yalor....hehehe!! no lar, just curious nia.

  13. annie, hmm.. good idea wor..

    yvy, updated liao. otherwise I kenot remember your new address everytime I have to go via centerpide. Hahaha. You see lah, so canggih until like dat.


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