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Monday, September 26, 2005

Specialists. Hmmrmph!!

Warning! Ranting post ahead.

I hate going to Specialists, eye, ear, heart, whatever. Perhaps it usually means that something is wrong with you (accept if you're seeing a gynae during pregnancy). When I think of visiting a specialist my mind is filled with the image of packed waiting rooms, waiting for hours just to see someone for a few minutes. And more often than not that someone would give curt replies to our questions and usually we have many questions to ask during the visit. Its almost as if the specialist is saying "C'mon. Out with it and out with you. Next!" Its even worse when you have to drag two young kids along with you to the visits. Geez!

Anyway, I'm ranting because I had an ear infection that wouldn't go away. No choice but to visit the ENT. No packed waiting rooms as I envisaged but he wanted to make me come back for repeat visits (I think). After two visits and a whopping RM450 gone, my ear problems have not gone away. I decided to discontinue the visit and went to the pharmacy to buy more of the eardrops I was prescribed. It cost me only RM4!!!! Hmmmm..... Ear infection was cured when I finished that bottle of eardrops but its back now. (*Grumble grumble grumble*). Thats probably why I'm ranting. No offence if you're a specialist reading this blog.

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