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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Young Again

The wind blew our damp hair over our faces. We laughed and giggled as the car cruised down the road. We wore happy smiles and did not have a worry in the world.

The sun shone down on us. I could almost hear the sound of the waves lapping on the sandy beach. The radio was playing a fun, holiday type of music.

Our hair was drying up under the sun and the wind. It was a moment to remember.

"Mummy, the wind blew your hair over your face, so ugly." said My Girl and she giggled even harder as she struggled to keep the hair out of her own face. This made My Boy burst into joyous laughter. He was laughing simply because everyone else was.

We were merely taking the kids out for a drive in the car with the windows down to "ventilate" it after spraying insecticide to get rid of some insects we discovered to our horror in the car. (Crash! Back to reality. Enough daydreaming. Haha.) Seriously, apart from the coloured text, everything else was real, not imagined. Thats what having kids is all about. Even a drive in the hot afternoon sun with the windows down can be so much fun. I think as adults we would probably grumble about the heat instead of enjoying the moment as we did.

I've forgotten how it feels like to drive around without the aircond on. My Girl kept on asking "Whats that sound?" because with the windows down, you could clearly hear the sounds of the traffic which is often blocked out by the shut windows.

Truly, having kids does not make me feel older. It makes me feel young again, seeing the world through their eyes. Instead of feeling hot and bothered, I felt as if we were driving around a stretch of beach in a sportscar. Hehehe. (*Grins*)


  1. I love driving... but only on the highway heading back to JB to my in-laws are 3-4am... otherwise.. hate those traffic jams!!

  2. That sounds like a very pleasant drive. You are very right MG, having kids around actually makes us younger and a better looking mum.

  3. egghead, I wasn't the one driving so can enjoy more loh.

    allfeel, younger yes, better looking? Not so sure lah. Hehehe.

  4. Full of imagination huh? what about daydream when you do laundry? sing like bollywood movie star in between the hanging laundry? hahaha...

  5. Your children are so lucky to be able to read your memories of their childhood when they grow up. (I presume you have a copy of your blogs in case this blogsite close shop??). I wish I can be as disciplined as you to jott down all these lovely moments. Nowadays, taking pictures also takes tremendous effort!

  6. maria, kenot lah, my yard too small and I don't want to scare the neighbours. Haha.

    kc, so when r u gonna start your blog? I AM WAITING.......

  7. Having so much fun reading and commenting on your and Maria's blogs, no time to write my own!! Slowly wait-lah!! I think I'll go back the old fashioned way and use journal. At least I can write in bed, during traffic jam or whenever/wherever I am. Who knows, maybe by the time my kids are grown up, there'll be no more computers like we know it. But a journal is forever..can hide inside some old chest for my kids to find when I'm dead!! Now where can I find a nice leather-bound journal??

  8. hmm... that reminds me about my digital photos. I'm always bugging hubby to have them stored the old fashioned way becos I'm soooo afraid of losing them. I have so too little hard copies. All digital from birth till now.

  9. better store in both way, on the web and also hard copies. know why? *touch wood* if the natural disaster strike, all property gone together with ur hard copies photos or journal...


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