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Monday, November 06, 2006

Never marry a man your age.

Or you'd end up looking like his elder sister or worse still, his mum!

As babies, boys develop slower than girls so I suppose it is only fair to them that they age slower too. Lol!

I used to work in a company where all the wives were much bigger size and taller than their husbands of the same age. After a time, they (the wives) end up looking like an older sister to their younger looking spouses.

My bros-in-law both of whom are the same age as my sisters look younger than their wives too. My eldest bro-in-law once had someone telling him that his son looks like his younger brother. That left him smiling and my sister fuming. "What does that make me then? His mother?!" she tells me. Hahaha.

Mr MG is two years my senior and we're headed that direction too. To me, he still has the boyish look whereas I'm headed towards auntyhood (Ah Soh in chinese). Luckily he is much taller than me, otherwise he'd look like a younger brother. Phew! However, he did look a like my younger brother when I was heavily pregnant with my second one. I looked like a beached whale then. Huge! Humungous! Waddling clumsily beside my tall, trim man, I really felt a lot older! I think size has got a lot to do with it. You tend to look younger if you're petite.

So ladies, if you're not married, better pick someone much older. Hehe. If its too late for you and you're already married to a man your age, you can always resort to things like trimming your hair shorter to look younger (the safest hairstyle for Ah Soh is layered shoulder length), don't perm, it'll add years. slimming down, wearing brighter, younger looking outfits (but not too young or you'd be call "lao hiao"), lose those spectacles etc. Or if you're really desperate, maybe botox, latest eyelash treatment or whatever. (I laughed so hard when my sis told me about some of her friends who went to have their eyelashes painstakingly sewn on one at a time and wonder where do these women find the time for such vanity?! In fact, I wonder where the people who go for pedicures and manicures find the time to do so! Must be too free and too rich. I find it wasteful in terms of money and time unless you're young, single and carefree that is.) Is it no wonder than that the slimming centres and plastic surgeons are making lotsa money and sprouting faster than you can say "sprout". (Errr... anyone smell some sour grapes around here? Hehehe.)

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