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Monday, November 06, 2006

Never marry a man your age.

Or you'd end up looking like his elder sister or worse still, his mum!

As babies, boys develop slower than girls so I suppose it is only fair to them that they age slower too. Lol!

I used to work in a company where all the wives were much bigger size and taller than their husbands of the same age. After a time, they (the wives) end up looking like an older sister to their younger looking spouses.

My bros-in-law both of whom are the same age as my sisters look younger than their wives too. My eldest bro-in-law once had someone telling him that his son looks like his younger brother. That left him smiling and my sister fuming. "What does that make me then? His mother?!" she tells me. Hahaha.

Mr MG is two years my senior and we're headed that direction too. To me, he still has the boyish look whereas I'm headed towards auntyhood (Ah Soh in chinese). Luckily he is much taller than me, otherwise he'd look like a younger brother. Phew! However, he did look a like my younger brother when I was heavily pregnant with my second one. I looked like a beached whale then. Huge! Humungous! Waddling clumsily beside my tall, trim man, I really felt a lot older! I think size has got a lot to do with it. You tend to look younger if you're petite.

So ladies, if you're not married, better pick someone much older. Hehe. If its too late for you and you're already married to a man your age, you can always resort to things like trimming your hair shorter to look younger (the safest hairstyle for Ah Soh is layered shoulder length), don't perm, it'll add years. slimming down, wearing brighter, younger looking outfits (but not too young or you'd be call "lao hiao"), lose those spectacles etc. Or if you're really desperate, maybe botox, latest eyelash treatment or whatever. (I laughed so hard when my sis told me about some of her friends who went to have their eyelashes painstakingly sewn on one at a time and wonder where do these women find the time for such vanity?! In fact, I wonder where the people who go for pedicures and manicures find the time to do so! Must be too free and too rich. I find it wasteful in terms of money and time unless you're young, single and carefree that is.) Is it no wonder than that the slimming centres and plastic surgeons are making lotsa money and sprouting faster than you can say "sprout". (Errr... anyone smell some sour grapes around here? Hehehe.)


  1. All I can say is that I agree, although I dont mean to say that I look younger than my wife. But everyone says that I look like college student, although I'm nearing 30s already... hehehe

  2. Luckily 1+2dad look more older then me eventhough we are same age. Maybe i small size gua and he is fat man..haha.

    I dun dare to colour my hair cause i think i'll do it when i really have white hair, so hope my natural black hair can last longer.

  3. My wife married someone her age.

  4. You're right. Mr.T looks like he's still in college. When I married him, I look like I was still in secondary school..

    NOW???? Now,I look like his older sister and I'm still TWO years younger than him... SNIFF...sour grapes?? PAH!

  5. Heehee.. I knew that years ago. DH is 7 years older and much taller and bigger than me. Lucky I did because he definitely looks younger than his age! So now, we kinda balance out!! But then again, I've always preferred men who are older and bigger in size.

  6. Oh dear, my hubby is younger than me. Anyway, love is blind, who cares what other ppl see or say. :P

  7. now i noe why we develop beer belly and losing hair, just to make women feel good! LOL

  8. My hubby is 5 years older than me, and with his addiction to golfing and sun, I'm "free" to perm my hair. :P

  9. Why do you think I'm so obsessed with my appearance? My man is 5 years younger than me!!!

  10. i know a couple many years ago which the wife is 12 years older than the husband. also a cross cultural marriage.

  11. julian,
    You are nearing 30s ah!!! *shocked* hehehe.

    I told you adi, this doesn't apply to petite women like you. Lucky you....

    And?........(Dare not say ah, sked Mrs pablopabla scold you?) kekekeke.

    Lol! How leh like dat?

    You're one smart woman!

    Yeah, who cares hor? But then when "kena" dat time, ie. ppl say you look older than hubby, still sakit hati little bit. Hehe.

    see fei,
    But then women have sagging breast, cellulite on thunder thighs and dunno what you call them bellies to make the men feel good about themselves!

    Haha. Why? He very hitam hitam from all the sunning izzit?

    Lol! No worries, you're doing very well indeed. You have pretty feet!

    Fuiyoh, like dat even more susah!

  12. my hubby is 2 years younger than me...he said age is just a number wor...

  13. Haha..ya,agree. My hub is 6 yrs older than me, but sometimes i feel like it is a GAP there LOL!

  14. Wau lau .. MG..!! i older than Papa BoK by 8yrs... !!! die lah..!!!! hahhahaha!!

  15. someone told me before. Don't marry those guy who is elder than you. Because, follow the stat, man die faster than women. No man wants their wife become alone, rite? And, if the guy is older than you, means, he have to retired 1st, left you alone go to work. it will burden the woman.. A good man, he definately won't let his wife so suffer rite?

    hahaha...true also? donno..depends on how we think..

  16. hehehe yalah that's why my DH is 8 yrs older than me

  17. My husband is 4 yrs older than me. He tells everyone he's 29 for the last 20 years but the wrinkles and grey hair tells a different story. Anyway, I think kwai-low always look older for their age, so am I excused or not? I am also short ah, (not petite)like dwarf and still shrinking day by day. :)

  18. Now you tell me! Too late already. Like putting salt on a wound, even without him beside me I have become Ah Soh-like. I remember when in my 20s looking at dumpy housewives in housecoats (similar to ones we made in Sains Rumahtangga class)and saying to myself I am not going to be like them, I am going to be one hot mama. Hot mama, my foot, now I look like a dumpy housewife, just minus the housecoat. :)

  19. so am i lucky or not, my hubby is 8 years older hehe...and he's like 30kg fatter than me :)..but his looks never did change since like ermm...20s..he's just going broader..aiyoo

  20. chanelwong,
    Age is just a number but looks cannot lie. Hehehe. So bad hor me, add salt to wound.

    6 years and you feel a gap then what about the rest of us who are about the same age with our spouses?

    mama bok,
    Ang Moh look older wan, no worries. Hehe.

    potential mom,
    Yah, yah, true oso.

    Another smart woman!

    Yes, you are excused. Like I told mamabok, Ang moh look older, plus the 4 years and your height, you no worries lah.

    Yeah, at one time (not that long ago), I was dumpy plus the housecoat wor cos' nothing else would fit! So I have to work very, very hard. Now, less dumpy so I can ditch the housecoat adi. Yeah!

    Luckily you never join him to grow broader. Lol!

  21. MG, I had fun reading all the above comments. Lol.

    How true what your posted! My hubs has a babyface and he looks like he's 5 years younger. Lucky, I'm shorter & smaller in size. Now, you know why I'm watching my weight?

    Mamabok - Wah! Cannot see the difflah. Papabok looks older in the pix you posted. Here's to one hot mama *clink*

  22. Hey.. Imomsdaughter,
    Thank you for your compliment hor..! make me feel so good leh.. kekekekke!! i have to tell Papa BoK ya..!!

  23. true true, women tend to look older than men. hubby is 5 yrs older than me but we looked abt the same age


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