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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Origami Fun

I bought some Origami books over the weekend. The kids love to do the paper folding craft so far. I didn't know that this ancient Japanese art of paper folding could turn out to be such a fun and simple activity to do with the kids.

I've been hearing "Mummy, I want to play folding" and "Mummy, please fold something for me" from my girl and "I wanna fold." or "Fold!" from my boy as he folds the paper here and there or crushes them up. Lol! He's still a bit young for this craft and sits impatiently waiting for the end product. Luckily he likes the end product. His sister on the other hand is old enough to fold some of her own and draw in the patterns to complete the origami. It requires manual dexterity as well as the abillity to follow some simple instructions so its a good craft for kids her age.

The books come in a series of 4 books. I bought Book 1 and 2 to try out. It costs RM4.90 each and comes with 27 pieces (each) of coloured origami folding papers. Really value for money. I think I'll probably go out and buy the other 2 books next weekend so I the kids can have fun folding more stuff.

We've been busy folding boats, houses, dogs, cats, bunnies, dolls, paper planes, swans etc. The instructions are really easy to follow and some of the origami featured in the books are incredibly simple but with beautiful results.

We even folded some finger puppets which my girl took to bed with her. Then she tried to trick me by making the finger puppet talk. "I want 4 stories. I want 4 stories." she made the fox finger puppet say. Then she said "This fox very naughty wants you to tell 4 stories." (Everynight she bargains for 4 stories) to which I replied "Yes, but you are good. You want only 3 stories." Hehe. Bad mommy!

While writing out this post, I surfed around for some origami for kids internet links and found many. Woohoo! I love the internet! Maybe I won't get the books afterall with so many free ideas available. Hmm... but maybe I'll get it for the free origami paper. Haha. Like I said, its value for money. I think some of the origami paper sold costs more if bought separately. If I have the time, I'll share the origami links after testing them out with the kids.

I didn't know that origami could be so much fun for the kids, even for me! If I had more time, I would like to graduate to more advanced origami projects like folding some paper flowers etc to decorate the house. I saw some beautiful paper flowers origami books at the bookstore but they look really hard to do. Ahhh... If only I had more time. It would be a nice hobby.

Now, if only I had more time, I'd like to learn to play the piano and guitar, learn to sing better, do more of my cross stitch, learn to cook better, learn to dance.........*Dreaming* Oops! I got carried away again. This was supposed to be a post about Origami Fun. Hehehe. Anyway, its time to go. Time to go and do some paper folding!


  1. Really admire you when I read your post. I have got the same book for my girl during one of the Bookstore Warehouse Sales but I had yet to start the folding fun with my daughter. Hmm, should start one this coming weekend. Thank you for inspiring me

  2. yes yes..i got them also..very fun! quite cheap also..phew!

  3. Sounds liek real fun. Can't wait to introdue this to Champion ;)

  4. jt,
    Mine will pester me to do it IMMEDIATELY, that is why. Lol!

    Fun and cheap. Hehe.

    You can go and search google for origami for kids and use some rough paper in the house for a start. :)

  5. looks great - i have got to get some for my son.

  6. My son also like it, especially the paper cutting can do some toys for him to play. Everytime we go book shop he first heading to that book rack to get the booklet he want.

    Everyday he pester me to cut the paper to make the toy for him, he almost every hour want a new one. I told him 1 day should can do one so i can save some money :)

  7. jannice,
    Have fun!

    I'm more generous. I said 2 a day. Lol!

  8. do u still remember how to make paper boat? one of the childhood game ah? Teach them do and put in a big pail or container, let the boat sail inside, sure they very happy too!

  9. I like doing origami too. still remember my primary school days. whenever our teacher is sick and we've got to tumpang other classes, i'll sit quietly at the back of the class and do origami.

    when gordon's bigger and can sit still longer, i'll do that with him..... *waiting for the day to come*

  10. Other than paper boat, you can try paper plane too...

    Actually, is it difficult to learn cross stitch? Thinking to learn..

  11. My son is very into origami. Even bought books and paper with his own savings money. Very fun I have to admit. Last year he did an origami presentation for his class. We folded a total of 35 origamis, as he insisted on giving one to each of his classmates.

  12. jesslyn,
    Yes, we made some paper boats, but I forgot to let them sail it. Haha.

    The day will come very soon. They grow up so quickly.

    Wow, thats sweet, folding one for each of his classmates but I'm sure he wouldn't like to be called "sweet". Hehe.


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