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Friday, November 03, 2006

Oh, when can I own a Barbie Doll?

I've never owned a Barbie doll before, though I would very much like to have one. Hey! When we were younger, we didn't have the number of toys our kids have nowadays.

I remember drooling over a pretty doll with a blue can can ball gown. Oh! How I wanted it! And when my dad bought it for me, finally, I was soooooooooo HAPPY! Hahaha. However I never had a Barbie. I don't think they had them in the stores here during my time.

My little niece has dozens of them, all with matching little outfits, handbags and shoes! I remember at a family gathering a while ago, how me and my sisters and sisters in law ended up playing with the dolls instead. Hahaha. We were so fascinated with the assortment of clothes and kept changing them over and over again to see how the doll would look!

Recently, while at the toy shop, as I usually do, I steered my girl towards the Barbie dolls and asked her what she thought of them:

MG: What do you think of this?

My Girl: What is it?

MG: Its a beautiful princess doll, don't you think?

My Girl: Yes, but what is it for?

MG: ............

My Girl: But what does it do?

Lol! I was stumped for an answer. I've tried this many times. Earlier on she just showed disinterest and moved on to something else. Now she tells me why she is not interested. She thinks its boring because it doesn't do anything so she can't play with it. Hahaha. Looks like my little girl is more intellectual than her mummy.

And looks like mummy cannot buy the toy for herself on the pretext of buying it for her daughter. Hahaha. We parents do this all the time don't we? Mr MG buys his kids the remote control cars he never had. My bro-in-law buys his kids the construction sets he wished he had as a kid. (he has dozens of them including a sandpit and often plays with them. When my sister teases him, he says its relaxing. Lol!). I used to own a roullette set which my dad used to take out to play with me. (So he could have some practise before going to Genting, I suppose. Hahaha!)

I wonder when I will get to play with the Barbie dolls! Will my girl be more interested in dolls as toys as she gets older? Right now her current craze is party toys ie masak masak, cups, plates, teapots and pretend food so she can pretend to have a party or picnic or she'd set up a supermarket, by displaying the pretend food on her own makeshift shelves (made of alphabet mats) and pretend to buy them from me (the designated shopkeeper) by placing the toy food on a toy plastic tray and "paying" for them with her "money" (flash cards) which she keeps in a small little handbag. (She likes to pretend to be me buying stuff at the supermarket. So she carries her little handbag in an "aunty" manner like me. Lol!)

Kids learn a lot from play and we can learn a lot of whats on their minds when we play along with them.


  1. My girl also not interested in doll, however I redeem a set of Barbie for her using those gift points. Mainly because I use to own a Barbie when I was 10, (grandma bought for me and my aunt would take the effor to sew many nice dressing for my Barbie, I wanted experience the fun I had)..sadly the Barbie has not really rouse her interest.

    Like your girl, my girl prefers masak-masak, doughs and blocks

  2. YAR!!! I too nvr ever had a Barbie when I was growing up..looks like I nvr will get the chance to buy one..LOL!!!

    You're right in saying we, the parents, buy stuff, so that we, the parents can play with it. When I was young, I wish I had train tracks!! HA HA HA!!!!!

  3. My 5-yr-old kept asking me that question, "When can I have a barbie doll?"

    I replied, "When you know how to keep all your toys and when you learn to take proper care of your toys."

    I think I will only be throwing my money into the drain if I buy for them now. All the battery operated toys I bought do not last a week.

    But I can only imagine, I think I will be playing with the barbie just as much if I buy them. heehee!!

  4. Actually in a way, its good that she doesnt show interest. Most girls would crave for a barbie doll (dont know why?)

  5. Yeah *nod at pablo's comment* Got LIVE barbie doll edi ma..

  6. my sisters used to like Barbie but I never like...hmmm...is it very unusual?

  7. My daughter is scared of curly hair of Barbie doll. Whenever I pointed to her the Barbie doll, she will shake her head. I am happy with it (Ha! Ha!)mainly because I myself do not like barbie doll and I think that will save me a lot of money.

  8. pablopabla,
    Ya hor!

    I was thinking, maybe the interest comes later. We'll see.

    So I'm sure you've got plenty of train tracks running around the house now. Haha.

    lil' joy,
    Get a charger and rechargeable batteries. It'll help you save in the long run.

    Because nice to play mah.

    Actually, she treats her little brother as the life doll, always trying to comb his hair, feed him etc.

    Well, as you can see, my dotter and dragonmummy's shows no interest in dolls either, so its not that unusual.

    Barbie oso got straight hair one what. Lol!

  9. I love Barbies, and had a few of them last time.
    I wish to buy a doll house one day, so I better cross my fingers that Isabelle likes to have one later. :)

  10. I bought a few barbie dolls as it was on promotion (50%). I am waiting for Emily to grow up to play with me...hehehe. Once I gave her the doll, she doesn't know how to play with it yet. Even Tim also like to play with it once a while. :P

  11. I not really like barbie(parent no money to buy me too), prefer those paper type doll instead, where we can change their clothing too!
    My 2 gals not really like doll too, many hand me down dolls, but they just play a while then leave aside.

  12. Eh u are lucky your girl not interested in Barbie dolls... it is an expensive affair ok. My daughter also (fortunately) also not into Barbie, she got one fairy barbie 2 christmases ago from her aunt, and now I think chucked somewhere already...poor barbie i think hair entangled, lost her tiny shoes and battery operated wings disengaged! Yeah she prefers masak-masak too, like to play supermarket and restaurant etc. I wrote a blog entry (called Plastic Supermarket) and have some pics on this too. I think masak masak is good for children's learning because they learn about life by imitation. They always want to be like adults. Better than learning to be vain right?

  13. shoppingmum,
    Oh yes, a doll house with lights than can turn on and off is another childhood dream of mine. Hahaha.

    Lol! So you and Tim play and she watch loh.

    Well then, you should try out these online paper dolls.

    Yes, yes. You are so right. Its very expensive and its teaching them to be vain. Now why didn't I think of that? Thank you.

  14. MG, I agree with Karen. Aiyah, learn from me.... been there, done that! My daughter had about 10 barbies with car, caravan, the whole gizmo, 2 cabbage dolls, all the Polly Pockets and their light up villages and most of the time, what did she do? Write, read, draw, colour. Ask me where are her dolls now? Throw out lah! What a waste of money! You should be glad your girl does not want dolls. DO WHAT? :))

  15. Hey MG, ahh..you have a smart little girl who is not into Barbie Dolls. :) My little girl is not into it either. She chucks it aside and doesn't even look at it. I too tak suka Barbie. That thin whimpy anorexic creature! hahaha...
    Doll houses are prettier! Ok, so the truth is I'm looking for a beautiful doll house for my girls, so I can play with it!! hahaha...
    Know where t find a beautiful one??? the ones I've seen do not fit the BEAUTIFUL ones in my imagition which I've always had ever since a little girl. :)
    Take care!

  16. yerr.i dunno la...but i never liked barbie..hope no one will ever influence my girl to play with it!

  17. are those barbies life size with gaping mouths? ;-)

  18. I love barbies tooo...
    Kids nowadays have a very different taste with the kids during the olden days already. Maybe one day ur gurl gurl will like them too ..ehhehee...

  19. Judy,
    But..but...but... I want to play what. *Stomps foot*

    Sorry, I've yet to find a nice doll house too. One with real lights that light up the house, cascading stairway etc. *dreaming* Hahaha.

    Better not let your girl near me then. Lol!

    see fei,
    Aiyah! Those are toys for men ler, not girls.

    Hi. Welcome to my blog. Come, come, we play Barbie together gether. Hehe.

  20. haha..seems like barbie is not useful for ur girl :)...u can tell her mah, barbie can attend ur tea party and chow down the food kekeke..

    i also had a barbie when I was 8, after my Mom promise me to buy one when i did well in exams..but months after that, the leg was broken by my brother :(

  21. jazzmint,
    Luckily its only the arm and not the head. Hahaha.


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