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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Sister's Day Out

I had a lovely time on Sunday with my sisters. Its been such a long time since we went out together, just the three of us. We shopped, we pigged out, we talked, we shopped some more, we pigged out some more. Hehe. We had an absolutely wonderful time together. Too bad we can't do it more often.

And where was Mr MG and the kids while I was out having fun with my sisters?

At the Zoo Negara, thats where! It was the kid's first time at the zoo so they had fun too, sweating it out and cooling it down with ice-creams. They bought me a pink flower hat. Hehe.


  1. LOL! Yeah, the ZOO is a nice place to bring kids to :)

  2. heh! you're in KL? should meet up leh :)

  3. so nice to have sister's outing. Me so envy....will never be able to experience that.

  4. hmmm!Plan to bring my boys to the ZOO too.At least can let them see some animals..heehee

  5. I don't have sisters, but I do hang out with my girlfriends at least once a week. But not for long outing, just for yam cha in the afternoon. It's good to recharge like this.

  6. we brought Jeriel a few months ago...he was having fun seeing all the animals which were real instead of just pictures in books..

  7. yeah some time alone to pig and yak is nice without the guys..hehe

  8. I wish my parents would bring me to the zoo one of these days. I would love to see more animals. The only animals I've seen are cats and dogs. So boring ... I wanna see lions!

  9. pablopabla,
    Dads are like that. When left alone with the kids sure go and "gai gai" otherwise don't know what to do with them. Lol!

    Then I can no longer be Ms Anon leh.

    Can experience the same with girlfriends too. :)

    They'll love it.

    Wow! Once a week! Ours is like once in 6 months!

    Nothing like the real thing.

    Because the guys dunno how to pig and yak one.

    ajab booboo,
    Why don't you ask them to bring you then.

  10. yes it's definitely a great relief to get away from the children once in a while to catch up with your girlfriends a.k.a sisters!!

    still waiting for MY turn!!

  11. when each one of us have your own family to build up, time for catching up with each other is sure precious.

  12. anamiraa,
    Its a nice change of scene once in a while.

    Yes, what you say is true and we must make an effort to meet or we will not do it at all!

  13. Sob, sob, made me miss my sisters so very much. You are lucky to live close to each other. Take advantage of that.


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