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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Baby's New Favourite Phrases

My boy loves to talk now. Presently his favourite phrases are:

  • "very bad" (said full of emotion with lower lip hanging out in a pout. He usually uses this phrase on me when I scold him or when his sister bullies him. Hahaha.)
  • "I did it!" (said full of exhilaration when he achieves something)
  • "Cheh cheh (elder sister) and baby good. Daddy and mummy ndotty!" (naughty)
  • "thats why" (he adds this phrase to the end of almost every sentence. Its really amusing to hear him mumbling to himself and adding "thats why" to the end of his sentences. Lol!)
  • "be careful" (thats because I'm always telling him to be careful so he's just mimicking me but it sounds much nicer coming from him. Coming from me, it sounds like a nag and being overprotective. Coming from him it sounds cute that a little fella knows how to show concern like that. Hahaha.)
  • "I want too" or "baby too" (because everything that his sister wants, he wants too!)
  • "I dunno" (said very nochalantly when we question him)
  • "I wanna drink nuke" (nuke=milk)

I love to hear his baby talk. He sounds sooooo adorable especially when he tries to speak like an adult with his childish baby voice. *Muaks muaks baby* Mummy sayang!

Now that baby can talk, my girl has more fun and someone to keep her company. I hear them having funny conversations when they are playing together. Its really amusing.

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  1. Have you tried recording them talking? It'll be priceless!

  2. It is more fun.. now that they can talk better.. ;) way easier on us to understand too. ;)

  3. It's cute when kids just pick up their language and not fully mastered it. I love too..

  4. long time no visit. i love baby talk too .. its cute. sometimes, daddy would be wondering what's Boy talking about and mommy have to translate it to adult language ... geee!!

  5. It's even funnier when they repeat the expressions they hear you say. It's not funny when you say it, but it's funny when they say it.

  6. sasha,
    Yes, very "kiut" indeed!

    I don't have a tape recorder :(

    Yes, crying is harder to understand than speech. Hahaha.

    They haven't fully mastered it and yet they have lots to say!

    Hi, long time no see! Its usually mummy who translates in my house too.

    Its also funny when they imitate your actions as well. My little one goes round "scolding" people by pointing his index finger at them. Guess who he picked that awful habit from? No prizes for guessing.


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