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Friday, November 10, 2006

ReviewMe - Another exciting way of monetising your blog

This post is a sponsored post or an Advertorial.

Recently I've been on the lookout for more ways to make money in a legitimate way on my blog. Afterall, my blog has been around for 2 years so why not make full use of this opportunity to earn some income from it.

My take is that money does not drop from the sky and if there is a money making opportunity, one should make full use of that opportunity. Blogging began as a hobby for me. A love for writing led me towards blogging. However I learned that blogging is much more than that. Its a stress reliever, a place to rant, to make friends with like minded people and now, its become an opportunity to make some much needed income.

I first read about ReviewMe from 5xmom's Make Money blog and immediately subscribe to their email to be informed of their launch. Well they have launched! It looks like another exciting way to monetise your blog for those of you who are interested.

So to all those who are interested (especially other SAHMs like me), why not sign up and give ReviewMe a try. ReviewMe is giving away up to $25,000 to the first few bloggers who write a review for ReviewMe (like what I'm doing now). I signed up 3 of my blogs (you can sign up to 6 blogs) but one was rejected due to poor traffic. For this first review that I'm doing, I am using this blog because it pays more ;) and I want to reach out to more of my readers to tell them about this opportunity but for subsequent reviews I will probably use my Mothering Times blog because that is less personal. So hurry up, go sign up and do a review and remember to give me a treat for recommending you. Lol!

If your blog is accepted (acceptance or rejection is immediate) your blog will immediately be given a pricing based on some criteria for eg your blog theme, estimated traffic, link popularity etc. Its fun to know how much your blog (your words) is worth when you do a review. Mine is worth $60 and $40 and I'll get paid 50% for doing a review. Woohoo! To find out how the ReviewMe ad model works, go to their Why ReviewMe page.

I love to write! I love to write! I used to do copywriting of brochures, leaflets etc as part of my job but I've always dreamed of becoming a paid writer and I believe I've just become so!

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  1. Same as you, I'm trying to earn some pocket money too. But too bad I'm not good at writing, let alone having more than one blog!

  2. Hahaha, the excitement of it. Actually, our local Msian companies are way behind in technology and marketing. They dun understand much about SEOs. They kasi few hundred RM, want to kira how many clicks from my site. Hard to explain to them that these links remain for a long time and it is how to influence the search ranking. So I now look global, no more Manglish hehehehe.Just last nite, one guy wrote to me if I can mention his gardening site. He offered USD5 for 50 words but I got carried away with my own photos. He banked in USD8 for me. Such a sweet surprise and he thanked me heaps. Worth the effort even if it was free, don't you agree?

  3. Aiyak, since I am here, that WP offer hor, can be tricky cos there may be strings attached. I prefer a more flexible one so that we can just add more domains as we grow. Do ask Bryan for a quote lah, it is worth it in the long run.

    FYI, WP dot com (the free service) shut down several peoples blogs within 8 hours of notice cos they blog for money.

  4. Hey, you know what? When I first submitted my site yesterday, my blog was priced at $40. Today, I deleted it and submit again, it went on to $60. Haha...one day can be such a difference meh? Actually I was hoping they have a section on women, but the closet I can find is the baby tag.

    See how. At the moment, I'm not writing anything yet. I actually set up another blog for advertising purposes but that site is too new and not accepted yet. Oh well...

    I hope to get more text link ads though on my current blog.

    Seriously, if you want to monetise your blog, using your own domain on wordpress is better cos nobody can stop you from doing anything. (like what Lilian said about wordpress taking down blogs.) But having said that, yours has been up for 2 years so building a new one altogether is a bit wasted...

  5. Oh,what a cool way to monetize my blog. But, i am not good in writing..

  6. gee, i am still finding my feet around, but i am learning something new everyday. Best place to check is you veteran's blogs. LOL

  7. shoppingmum,
    To improve your writing, write, write and write some more.

    Have you done your review yet?

    Yes, goodbye Manglish.

    Lol! Maybe I should try it too, delete and resubmit. Yes, I'm thinking of moving to my own domain but the task seem daunting and like you said, its a waste.

    Ditto what I said to shoppingmum.

    In blogging, we learn something new everyday. I'm still learning everyday and theres lots more that I want to learn.

  8. Yeah keep up your good work, now you get paid for it.

  9. I actually wrote this as a reply in my blog to your query but decided to put it here cos easier for you to read lah.

    For your intention to migrate, it would be better in the long term. With free domains like blogger and wordpress.com, you don’t have the freedom to do whatever you like. And you don't want to risk it even though Blogger is not strict yet.

    My suggestion is go ahead and acquire another domain. With wordpress, it is very easy to import your files from blogger because they have an option to take care of that.

    After you import all your files, go public with it but don’t shut down your blogger account. Keep it until your new blog sort of catch up in terms of the ranking and traffic. It will take a bit of work and about 3 months or so…but definitely better in the long run. (You should find your traffic going up with your own domain too) Also, choose a template that suits your focus and your objectives.

    Send me an email if you need more help on how to get things up quickly.

  10. michelle,
    I hope! Hehe.

    Oh thank you very much for your tips and offer to help. I may just take up that offer when the time comes. Be warned that I have many questions. Lol!

  11. RM rejected my blog...aiya my blog not famous enoughlah. Nvm, I stick to PPP first :P

  12. I'm registered there as well. What are your throughts on Blogitive at http://www.blogitive.com ? I've be interested in hearing what you think of it. They're really ramping up now and putting the call our for bloggers. If you're not registered, use me as a referral - colleen_cc@yahoo.com


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