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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Mirror Image Painting Craft for Young Children

Previously when I blogged about some of the other arts and crafts projects I did with my kids, some of the commenters suggested that we do a mirror image painting craft. I love to blog about the crafts we do, because the input I receive gives me more and more craft ideas to try out. Thats what is so great about blogging.

Anyway, we tried it out and here are the results. Its really a very simple painting craft for young children. Just paint on one side of the paper then fold the paper into two and press to smoothen. What you painted will be imprinted on the other side making it a mirror image or reflection of what you have painted. We tried out this craft before but it didn't turn out quite as nice so here's a tip: Use thick paint, lots of it. (but don't overdo it till you have a glob of paint instead of a nice smooth surface. Lol!). As you can see from the results below, we didn't use enough paint on the second one and it doesn't look as nice as the first.


  1. They're really nice! I wonder if the second masterpiece is from you boy...

  2. really creative.. i will try out wf my 21mths girl.. must be messy enaf.. :p

  3. yeah the first one nicer than the 2nd one... nice..

  4. It reminds me my primary school time, ya, that time teacher always taught us this. Hehe...now i have the idea again, TQ!

  5. Nice hor? We used to do this all the time when we were kids and the amount of paint my mum had to buy for us.

  6. Moms are so creative nowadays, arts this, craft that. When my boy was little, nah take this crayon and piece of paper go draw. Hehe, lazy mom huh?

  7. shoppingmum,
    No, I didn't put up his because he drew mirror image eggs but destroyed it after a while. Hehe.

    They love mess!

    Must have more paint.

    Yes, I remember doing this in primary school too.

    Thanks for the idea.

    Oh, I still do the crayon thing often. ;)

  8. ooo this reminds me when i was a kid! i love to do this! must start doing with my kids soon!!!

  9. laundryamah,
    Its school holidays. You can start right away!

  10. Very eazy and nice :) Will try it with my kids next time.


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