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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Having Fun With Playdoh

Kids have lovely imagination. Let their imagination run wild with playdoh. My kids love playing with playdoh. It gives them hours of fun and me .... hours of free time. Heheh.

Recently my girl said she wanted to make a playdoh flower garden. All their old playdoh had turned an ugly grey because they tend to mix all the colours together so I agreed to get some new colours for her.

She made a green patch and said that was the grass. I taught her to make some flowers so we made flowers in several different colours. And then I added a mother hen (thats me. Haha.) grazing among the flowers.

My imagination isn't so great so I bought a book of instruction on how to make playdoh animals. Thats where I got the idea for the mother hen. It didn't turn out as nice as it looked in the book though because I'm low on patience. Lol!

Here is our playdoh flower garden.

So remember, if you run out of ideas on how to keep the kids entertained indoors on a bad weather day, just take out the good old playdoh. Playing with playdoh is a great activity for kids. Some mothers even make their own playdoh. Not me, I'm too lazy......


  1. tag u at http://lovelymummy.blogspot.com/2007/10/age-i-wish-to-go-back.html

  2. are those roses? The chicken looks nice. I have just had my first experience on playdoh a week ago. It is one toy that the boys will end up fighting while playing.

  3. lovely mummy,
    Thanks. I will check it out when I am free. I am sooooo behind in tags.

    I've got a book with lovely instructions but I was too lazy to make any of them. Hehe.


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