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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Storybook Terms in everyday language

My boy's current favourite terms or words are the following....

"Once upon a time"

"Long long time ago" (even though he is referring to just a minute ago!)

"Mummy, you forgot"


"so long already"

"yah mummy?"

"you see, I told you already" (I think he picked this up from me!)

Some of these terms are storybook terms but he uses them in ordinary everyday language. I guess I must have been reading too many storybooks to him. Lol!

He also likes to answer everything with "because". Sometimes he uses it at inappropriate times but he likes to join in "discussions" and feel very important. Its really funny to watch him having serious discussions with his sister, his little face is oh so serious.

I just love looking at his face when he is not watching me observing him. He looks really adorable (at this age- he is 3) and my heart is filled with love when I watch him play by himself.


  1. He must have love Mummy telling story that's why he love that phrase...a lot...

    Mummy should be proud of him yar...

  2. soon u'll see me starting all my sentences with "once upon of time..." hahaha

  3. thanks for visiting my blog

  4. chanelwong,
    His way of trying to get me to tell more stories. Haha.

    Thank you for visiting my blog. My hubby only tells the kids stories once a week. So lets see how often you use your "once upon a time". Lol!


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