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Friday, October 19, 2007

Teaching my kid to tell the time

My girl has learned to tell the time a while ago, the hours and half hours that is. I've been trying to teach her to tell the minutes too but only half heartedly. I buy her storybooks about telling the time. I buy her a small watch to encourage her. We make watches for craft time and I draw a clock to teach her half heartedly.

Recently she started learning to count in fives so this means that she would be able to tell not just the hours but minutes as well but I'm still too lazy to teach her properly. I do know that she's eager and ready to learn though. So I'm really excited to have found this site to teach children to tell the time.

Its called Learning About Time. It is an excellent site to teach children to tell the time. Its very comprehensive with step by step description of the clock and telling the time. The best thing I like about it is the interactive clock or the Clock Program. You need to have Java installed to be able to use it. You can choose to have the child learn to set the analog clock to match the digital one or the other way around.

Just wanted to bookmark this site here and share it with other parents too. So pleased to have found a website to teach my girl to tell the time. Now she can learn on her own and I can continue to be lazy. I guide her through the first time and she's ready to practise on her own now.


  1. You always find good site for kids, thanks for sharing. I luv it.

  2. thanks very much for sharing this good site

  3. contented mum,
    I love it too. :)

    Stick around. I'll share more. Hehe.

  4. i always love your site..vy informative. thanks for the link :)

  5. hi there, a tag for u


  6. Thank you .. MG..! i'll try this out soon with my brat.. ;)

  7. that's interesting. Brendan doesn't really know how to tell the exact time yet.

  8. MG, thanks a lot for shaing this. I have been having a great challenge trying to teach Ian how to read time from wall clock. Chinese way is easier, but English way is difficult. Hopefully with this tool, it makes it easier for Ian.

  9. Hi everyone,

    Thank you for your appreciative comments. Sorry, I can't reply to each one individually as I normally like to do as I'm rather busy right now. Anyway, I've got another interesting site to share with you all in my next post. I wrote it a while ago, so I'll just hit publish. Hehe.

  10. I'll post another good educational link as soon as this slooooow internet connection is back up to speed again. So busy can't wait around till the page loads.

  11. Jeriel don't know how to see time also...great tip...


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