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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

New English Vocabulary by kids

I think a new English Vocabulary is being created everyday by kids everywhere. Teens create their own new lingo all the time and as for the little ones just learning to talk. The new words they make up are just classic.

My little boy has just begun to speak in sentences and sometimes he makes up his own words. Its really adorable the way he makes up his own words to complete his own sentences.

Recently we bought him a new Henry train to add to his Thomas train collection and this is what he said.

"Mummy! This train can put on the track because got onner also." (Onner = Switch). He sounded so excited and serious when he said it which made it even the more hilarious.

Sometimes he fights with his sister. They tell each other...

"You are the moredest notty." (moredest = most)

However, usually they unanimously agree....

"Mummy is the moredest notty!"

Hahaha. Its fun to listen to the kids conversations. They do say the funniest things in their own vocabulary that sometimes only mummy knows.



  1. yes, that is funny..your kids speak those in english? then is very good. my daughter can speak very good Mandarin, and she is start to speak in english, and sometimes she translate from Mandarin ..very funny

  2. Hahaha! Kids says the funniest things! I'm sure there are more to come - pls share with us? :)

  3. maria,
    Thats good. Yours is bilingual. Mine speaks English. I'm teaching them Malay and will get round to teaching them some Hokkien too.

    Hehe. I will.

  4. mine can only babble in baby talks.. can't wait till he's able to speak... :-)

  5. sting,
    Baby talk also must record down. I did in my earlier posts. Hahaha.


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