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Friday, October 12, 2007

Co-Sleeping with Preschoolers

We practise co-sleeping like many Asian parents do. We or rather I still co-sleep with our preschoolers aged 3 and 5 years. (Hubby gets to do it on Sat night while I get beautiful uninterrupted sleep then. Whoopee!) I have no problems whatsoever with this arrangement. With parenting, I always believe that whatever style suits your family than it is fine. As long as everyone is happy, whose to say what is right or wrong. In this case, my husband is happy, I am happy and the kids are happy.

However, the kids will have to move to their own room one fine day (oh how we will miss them!) and we would like the transition to be smooth. We're doing a semi-transition now. If you can call it that.

Usually I sleep in the middle between the two so they won't fight over "who gets to sleep beside mummy". However now that the kids are older its not easy to get a good night's sleep that way. I need a good night's sleep for health reasons. (Who doesn't right?) The kids will toss and turn 360 degrees each night and quite often I would awaken with a punch or a kick on my face. Ouch!

So I decided to move down to the floor. After storytime or after they are asleep, I would creep to my mattress on the floor and get a better night's sleep that way but recently I've been waking up with a little hand dangling over my face and a soft voice asking "Mummy, can you hold my hand please?" Hahaha. (Because I discourage or disallow them from climbing down and sleeping with me on the mattress). I would then raise my arm a little to hold his little hand and both of us would fall back to sleep that way. I still get woken up from my sleep but this way is a lot better than getting a punch or a kick on the nose or eyes. Lol!


  1. As much as I want to continue till they are ready, but I have to rearrange the sleeping arrangement to make space for baby.

    Some nights JS is ok sleeping by herself on the floor, other nights, they will fight to sleep by my side. During those nights that JS wanted to sleep by my side, I creep down to the floor when they are asleep. My boy always able to sense that and will roll to the edge of the bed dangling either his leg or hand down for me to hold.

    I really don't know how when all three want to sleep next to mummy....

  2. it will be a great challenge...We have no choice since our room is quite small, so jeriel learn to sleep in his own room since 2 yrs old...

  3. montessorrimum,
    With 3 you'll certainly have a more challenging and merrier sleep arrangement. Haha.

    Last time my room also quite small but no choice because got no other bedrooms. Hahaha.

  4. Thank God..! we donch have to co-sleep with the brat.. muahahah!! it isn't encouraged here.. and PB was really against it.. i would have loved it.. but i was afraid.. that PB might crush the wee one.. if we do.. when she was a baby .. muahahahha!! but things worked out really good for us.. because she never ever asked to co-sleep.. ;) except in the mornings.. when we invite her to our bed.. ;)

  5. ya. i start worrying about the transition period since we plan to let our baby have her own room

  6. mamabok,
    Good that things turned out for your. :)

    Yah, otherwise you will be stuck with preschoolers in your room too. Haha.


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