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Monday, October 29, 2007

Where to buy a pinch toy?

My boy loves to pinch the pimple on my face. Its a bad habit. Other babies cling on to their bolsters, suck their pacifiers or bite the edge of a pillow or blanket but he........ pinches the pimple on my chin. No other pimple will do. Its got to be that very same pimple on the right side of my chin. No, not even the left side. Only the same pimple on the right side will do.

Sometimes, I grow tired and let him. (The pinching increases in intencity when he is sleepy, tired or stressed. Strangely, the act of pinching my pimple soothes him.) Sometimes I slap his hand away and say "Stop pinching, its painful." Usually he will say "Nice!" and carry on pinching but the other day he suddenly looked at me and asked "Mummy, can you buy me a pinch toy?" Hahaha.

So... does anyone know where I can buy a pinch toy?



  1. Have you tried looking at it at Toys R Us in Subang Parade? I think I saw a few there before.

  2. hi hi...soo funny...help you to pinch....aiyo..Must be funny initially

  3. melvin,
    You've got to be kidding!!!

    Yes, initially is the correct word. Its no longer funny.

  4. pinch toy? got wan ar? hahahahaha

  5. I thought the silky washing instruction tabs protruding from most teddy-bears are pinch toys.

  6. daniel,
    If got I oso want to buy. Hehe.

    They don't like those. Everytime they see tags they tell me "Mummy, cut, cut please."

  7. My little polar opposites suckered me into adding ribbon loops to Loopy Bear.

    Go figure.

  8. bee,
    Lol! She's got you all wrapped up around the little ribbon loops (Oops! I meant her little finger) doesn't she?


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