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Friday, October 19, 2007

Kids Activity - Playing with Food

Kids just love to play with food don't they? So why not allow them to do just that........ by getting them to help in the food preparation, under careful supervision if they are very young and making simple foods like egg sandwiches. Besides food always taste nicer when you make it yourself, at least to the kids. Not to me though. Food tastes nicer when someone makes it for me and hopefully wash up afterwards as well. Lol!

And so... one day when there was nothing left in the fridge to cook for lunch..... accept eggs, this was what I did. I boiled the eggs and then I got the kids to....

  • smash them

  • peel them

  • cut them

  • mash them

  • mix them with mayonnaise

Then they put marjerine on the bread, I added a slice of cheese before spreading the egg paste they prepared and cutting them into little triangles, rectangles and squares. They walloped the egg sandwiches quickly whereas they used to turn their faces away from the bakery bought ones.

We finished lunch with some cut mangoes and homemade float made from chocolate ice-cream and coke. I'm a bad momma. I'm indulgent. The kids thoroughly enjoyed their simple lunch and so did I. ('cos I didn't have to slave at the stove only to have them spit out their food. Lol!) You should try this one day when you've run out of ideas on what to serve the picky kids during a meal.



  1. hehe yah i think it's fun for them and new toy when they get to play with food :)

  2. learning can be fun and children will like it....

  3. It's very thoughtful of u getting ur kids involve in preparing their food... I should learn more from u when my baby is old enough to do that.

  4. Good idea. When the kids get to participate, they will appreciate food better.

  5. jazzmint,
    Its better than toys. Hehe.

    I got this idea from a kindergarden.

    But first, you'll have many firsts like baby's first solid foods, baby's first tooth etc. :)

    They also love to help to wash the dishes or rather play with water. Hahaha.


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