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Monday, October 12, 2009

Good Reference Books for Primary School Children

I am constantly on the look out for good reference books for my primary school girl. That is because I am her tuition teacher. lol. Actually, I enjoy teaching her. I don't enjoy teaching per se but I do enjoy teaching my own kids.

I remember when I was young, and whenever we were asked about our ambition, I never ever wanted to become a teacher. I thought it was the most boring job in the world. However, now looking at the kindergarten teachers and the primary school teachers, I think teaching is a very nobel job indeed and teachers are very important persons in a young child's life. They really look up to their teachers. All the more reasons why we should have good teachers.

Anyway, I enjoy teaching, covering the syllabus within a time frame, and looking for innovative ways to make learning fun for my children and I love to look for good reference books. Which is why I was delighted to find the following Malay Reference books for Primary School Children. It is a simple pictorial dictionary on "Sinonim", "Antonim", "Peribahasa", "Simpulan Bahasa" and "Penjodoh Bilangan". The books are bilingual in Malay with Chinese explanation as well.

Priced at RM4.60 per book, I bought it at RM8.50 for 5 books during a sale. I was absolutely thrilled.

"Finding a good book is a pleasure. Finding a good book at a good value is a treasure."
(My very own made up saying, but its true don't you think?)

There are many reference books, workbooks, activity books and revision books for primary school children. The best place to find them is at Popular Bookstore which has a very wide range. In fact, there are too many to choose from.

However, I still find that the best come from established publishers like Oxford Fajar, Pearson Longman, EPH Publishing and Pelangi.

In my coming posts (after I have gotten round to taking pictures of the books,) I will recommend a good reference book or two for Science and Maths for Primary School Children from Standard 1 to Standard 3.



  1. Hats off to you in finding pleasure in teaching your own kids. I'm just the opposite as I don't have the patience and my girl is uncooperative. You also find the time to scout around for reference books and blog about it. My efforts to 'tutor' my girl pales in comparison to yours-lah! Keep it up. Your kids will turn out well for sure.

  2. You know, i always go get books you recommended. I find your recommendations very useful. I always at lost in bookstore when i see so many with so little time i have. I hope you will post more to share. Thanks again.

  3. ha me too, I ended up buying too many...after a while, they become redundant when the kids outgrow it :(

  4. haha...Love your very own quote :)

  5. Anna,
    Unfortunately, I am not a very patient teacher. :P

    Check my next post for more recommendations and if you stick to those few publishers I mentioned above, you can't go very wrong.

    Thats why its good to have more kids, so they get passed on. lol.

    I love it too. Hahaha.


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