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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

He, She, I ..........

  • has to practise his lines for introducing his class act at his kindy concert
  • has to memorise his Malay Ejaan for Friday
  • has to memorise his Chinese Spelling for Monday
  • wants to play swordfighting with me (because his aunty gave him some hand me down swords, shield and mask to play with)
  • just received some story books we ordered from Scholastics and wants to read them all


  • has to practise a song for her music test in school next week
  • has to practise drawing a themed picture for her art test next week
  • has to study pages of text book for her Physical Education theory test next week
  • has completed some tests but still has more and more tests after next week
  • has to memorise her Chinese Spelling
  • wants to read the new story books
  • wants to play the piano but has no time


  • is not feeling very well

And I...........



  1. Oh dear... I perfectly understand what u're going thru... hang on dearie!!

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  3. hahaha....can't imagine which of the above is causing your headache!!! :)

    Hang in there....

  4. MommytoMeia,
    I started coughing and the girl started vomitting but I am still hanging on.

    All of the above plus more if you read my personal blog.

  5. i wld have gotten migraine!! :)


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